What’s Your Interior Design Style?

Every homeowner wants to be able to create beautifully decorated spaces, but it can be difficult for them to visualize, describe, or define their interior design style. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know how to decorate a home or to assist in describing your goals to a home decorator. Let’s look at some of the options.

Interior Design Style: Modern

This type of design refers to a home that has clean lines and a simple palette when it comes to color. Materials that are often used in this design style are steel, glass, and metal. Furniture is simple with décor being minimal. A term often used to describe modern design is sleek.

Interior Design Style: Minimalist

Another popular design concept, this option is popular as it takes modern design but simplifies the idea even further. Color palettes remain neutral with light and airy colors used like light blues and whites. Furniture is quite simple with nothing excessive when it comes to décor. This type of design is defined by the sense of functionality in the space.

Interior Design Style: Traditional

If you find yourself enjoying classic details in a space and having a wide variety of accessories in the home, then your design style is more traditional. A traditional home will include dark wood with rich color palettes used on the walls and within the décor. A nice variety of textured materials will be used as well as ornate details within the furniture. There is a depth to this style as items are layered, such as with bedding or sofa décor.

Interior Design Style: Industrial

With this style, the inspiration revolves around an urban loft or warehouse feel. With an industrial style, there can be exposed beams and bricks as well as metal accents. High ceilings, metal light fixtures, and sparse furniture that is focused on functional are what you will find in this design style. A mix of wood and metals will be added to rooms in the home to create an industrial look.

Interior Design Style: French Country

A popular design style that never seems to go out of style is French Country. With this style, warm and earthy colors are used to create a worn and comfortable feel. Common colors used in this décor style are gold, yellow and red. Natural materials to be used in this design are brick and stone. When decorating in French Country, one can take inspiration from a farmhouse feel but would be including more dramatic décor and coloring.

Interior Design Style: Rustic

An extremely popular design style in today’s home is rustic. Drawing from natural inspiration, homeowners are using raw and unfinished wood and other materials in the design aspects of their dwellings. From fireplaces to exposed wood beams and shiplap, there are many ways rustic features can be added to the home.

The possibilities are endless!

These options are just a few of the design styles you may identify with. Selecting a style will allow us to match your tastes with the interior design of your home. Don’t feel restricted to a single style, as we can implement a mix of varying options to meet your desired look. What is important to us, is that the result of your home renovation shows your style.

If you’re interested in discussing a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or any other home renovation with a specific style of interior design in mind – contact us today and we will set up an appointment with you!