Is interior design included with my home renovation?

When you work with All Canadian Renovations for your home renovation, it’s a fully inclusive package. An important part of our home renovation project is interior design. We have you meet with one of our designers depending on the type of renovation, which may include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, whole house, or home additions.

As part of our interior design process, your home’s structural needs are assessed. We will always work on better functionality for you, the homeowner, over ease of construction.

How our interior designers select and source materials for your home renovation

Being in the home renovation industry for years means we’ve forged some fantastic partnerships and relationships with suppliers and product or material producers. We work with select cabinetry makers, bathroom fixtures suppliers, kitchen fixtures suppliers (except appliances), flooring suppliers, construction materials suppliers – to ensure you’re getting quality, dependability, and durability with any part of your home renovation.

Our interior design process is perfect for any type of renovation situation. If you know what you want, we can help source it for you and confirm your ideas or plans. If you aren’t sure, we can guide the entire process and help you discover your renovation personality. Because of our extensive years of experience, we know how to make the process hassle-free while providing a high level of support to you.  From design-build advisors, to ensuring each part of the renovation experience is handled well, we’ll be there for you and taking excellent care of you and your home!