Tips for Avoiding Common Home Renovation Disasters

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.We know there are few things in life more exciting than heading into a home renovation that you’ve spent months dreaming of. Your imagination has been filled with visions of granite kitchen countertops, jetted jacuzzi tubs, and décor fit for royalty. However, even the best-laid plans can go awry. This can be especially true once you start tearing your home apart. Your plans may also end up in shreds! Have no fear, we’re here to help you by offering tips to avoid common home renovation disasters!

Renovating without research can lead to home renovation disasters

You’re set on renovating your home a certain way, we get it; It’s your living space, and it should be exactly as you want it. However, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t renovating before doing research.

Do you know where the sun hits during the day? Where do family members’ laundry, dishes, toys, etc. tend to gather? Which rooms are you spending the most time in? What ways could the room be improved upon versus what do you already like about it? What features are most important to you – and what could you and your family live without?

The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of where, when, and what to bring down the literal sledgehammer onto.

Establish a budget to prevent financial disasters

Whether you set your budget below $10,000, upwards of $50,000, or any number, be prepared for a potential 20% increase over the cost of your renovation.

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The contractor might come across a beam that has no business being responsible for the structural integrity of a home. Another frequent issue is insulation upgrades, which aren’t visible until the wall has been dismantled. Furthermore, serious health concerns such as mold or decay can be discovered when walls are ripped down. During a renovation, if you’re using a professional (and we highly recommend you do) your home must be up to code. Faulty wiring or plumbing, rot, mold, pests, water damage, and asbestos are just a few common issues that can add up quickly!

While your home renovation is taking place, you’re certain to face higher utility bills. This is due to the additional power and water access needed. Don’t end up in a financial home renovation disaster; make sure your budget accounts for the increased costs.

While renovating certain rooms, it’s best if your access to the room is limited or non-existent. This can help the contractor speed up production, as they won’t need to deal with temporary solutions. As an example, if you’re renovating your kitchen, you should forget about using it. Leave room in your budget for dining out or ordering in.

Hiring an interior designer prevents home renovation disasters

Leave room in your budget to hire a reputable interior designer, especially if the renovation is on the larger side. Even better, don’t work with any home renovation or general contracting company that doesn’t have an interior designer on the team or isn’t able to recommend one they’ve worked with before. The good news is we have several designers with who we’ve worked in the past. We’ll happily guide you through the options and select an interior designer which is right for your job.

Choosing your home renovation contractor

Before you decide on a contractor, conduct thorough research and reference checks. Choosing the company with the lowest bid could turn your home renovation disaster, into a long-term disaster. Ensure you’re working with a team that will put your needs first.

Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions! You want proof of happy clients and successful renovations. An established, efficiently branded company will serve you well.

Noise and clutter can leave you feeling you live in a disaster

A professional crew will keep clutter and dust as minimal as possible. Dust travels so be prepared to run an air filter if necessary.

Noise travels as well, and it’s unavoidable during a renovation. Proper communication with your crew will allow you to be out of the home on noisier days.

Home renovation disasters in the form of timeline delays

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The construction team will do their best to follow an established timeline, but issues can pop up, especially in older homes. Custom designs take longer as well. Always plan for your renovation to take longer than the projected time. This will prevent home renovation disasters in the form of an over-extended timeline. There’s nothing worse than planning to host guests at your home, only to have passed the renovation deadline, but the renovation continued.

Trust us to avoid home renovation disasters

Put your trust in All Canadian Renovations Ltd., for your next home renovation. We thrive on client satisfaction and will work hard to make sure you’re coming home to quality. See our extensive showcase of home renovations and read through our testimonials!

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