Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The bathroom renovation is one of the more common rooms to be updated within a home. In older homes, bathrooms are easily outdated. Typically, a bathroom renovation requires new plumbing to meet code standards as well as new fixtures to meet today’s trends. The new plumbing and fixtures can help boost energy efficiency and conserve water. Even in newer homes, you may decide you want a jetted tub or wish to replace your tub with a shower. Whatever the case may be, planning your bathroom renovation is essential to its success.

Planning your bathroom renovation – what changes are to be made?

The first decision you need to make for a bathroom remodel is what changes are going to be made. Are you planning to demolish the right to the studs? In that situation, you will need to change out everything. Or, are you looking for a lighter touch – perhaps just replacing the vanity and the bathtub? Writing down what you want to change will help you to create a realistic budget. Renovating from top-to-bottom will cost a great deal more than smaller, simpler changes. It’s important to write down each item you plan on replacing. so you can find the products you want to use. This will give your project’s cost the greatest visibility.

Once you know the changes you wish to make, you can visit stores or look online for vanities, light fixtures, faucets, etc. Doing the research in advance will help you to price your project and have an idea of what you want. This can lead to less spur of the moment decisions and will give you a chance to watch for sales and discounts.

Planning your bathroom renovation – should you hire a professional home renovator?

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Now that you know your budget and have a few things picked out, it’s time to decide if you will be hiring a professional to complete the bathroom renovation project for you. There is a benefit to completing your bathroom renovation yourself – but also many downsides. If you do not know what you are doing, you can end up having to stop the work and hire someone which may lead to a higher price point. This equation also doesn’t factor in how much your time is worth – could it be better spent with family or doing other things?

Planning your bathroom renovation – how to select a home renovator?

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.By hiring a home renovator for your bathroom renovation, you are hiring a professional who understands this line of work. They will know what they are doing and have the experience to complete the project on time. Speaking to our team at All Canadian Renovations Ltd., we know how to handle any problems we may encounter as the bathroom renovation progresses. Having our experience can be invaluable – you never know what’s behind your walls until you’ve knocked them down. Along with our expertise, you can rest assured the renovation will be completed the right way the first time. Our experience plays a major role in completing any bathroom renovation on time and within budget.

Planning your bathroom renovation – choose All Canadian Renovations

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Choosing a home renovator is a big job, as you want to hire someone who will do the work correctly and has good standing in the home renovation industry. Specifically, we at ACR Ltd. believe in this – we are part of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association – where we are recognized as a Certified Master Renovator. We are part of the Renmark contractor network and have won the Consumer Choice Award. As well, but not to brag (too much), we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 5/5 rating on Facebook, and a 4.5/5 star rating on Houzz. And, we recently joined RenovationFind – receiving an A+ rating from their ranking system.

If you’re looking for a top home renovation company to complete your bathroom renovation –  call us today at 204.779.6900 or contact us through our web-based form. We have vast experience in home renovations and bathroom renovations are one of our many specialties. With our team on your side, we will complete your bathroom renovation project with ease, giving you a new space to enjoy.