How to Make Your Home CAPS Approved

Elmhurst Bathroom Renovation - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg, ManitobaThe term CAPS refers to Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist and how individuals with such certification can assist in the remodeling process of the home to create a comfortable place for seniors to live. With this certification, an individual can design living spaces for the elderly to be able to retain as much independence as possible while they live out their days at home as they age. Most seniors would like to remain in their home but require some home renovations to ensure that the house is safe.

A CAPS-approved home is not just for the elderly. Such certification can also provide remodeling assistance for dwellings where individuals suffer from disabilities or health issues in which changes need to be made to the living space. When trying to reorganize a home for the elderly or disabled, there are changes you can make as well as look to a CAPS professional for guidance.

What You Can Do

There are steps you can take in the home to make the space more accessible to disabled or senior family members before you work with a CAPS professional. To begin, you can rearrange the furniture in the living spaces to make each room more open. Open pathways are needed when an individual is wheelchair-bound. Take time to make living rooms and bedrooms easy to navigate via wheelchair or for the use of a walker.

The elderly and disabled can also have difficulty reaching items that are high up, such as in the kitchen or bathroom areas. Take time to provide shelving and storage at lower points so regularly used objects can be reached easily.

Working with a CAPS Professional

The homeowner can easily complete the steps mentioned above. However, when it comes to significant recommended upgrades, a CAPS professional is required. You want to be sure that you work with a CAPS pro to add updates that will be efficient but also are up to code standards for home building.

Railings may be needed in some areas of the home as well as grab bars in places like the bathroom. A CAPS professional assists by showing you how these railings and grab bars should be installed and where they would be of the most benefit. Ramp building must also be considered. When a loved one relies on a wheelchair, ramps will need to be built at all entry and exit points to provide safe entry as well as an exit if a fire or other issue were to occur.

Additional significant upgrades for the home can include widening the doorways and hallways of the house and lowering countertops. These are not small jobs and require a CAPS professional to ensure that every aspect is considered and the house is changed to reflect the needs of the elderly or disabled family member.

With the help of All Canadian Renovations Ltd., you can have a CAPS professional assist you with upgrading the home to suit a specific individual’s needs. Don’t stress about having to determine how to include such upgrades within your home as you can rely on the knowledge and experience of a CAPS expert to complete the job.