The New Neutral: Colors We Are Seeing Everywhere

Painting a room in your home can be fun and exciting. It is incredible what a color change can do to brighten or open up space. By simply spending a little money on paint, you can transform a room into a new place to relax and enjoy. When it comes to painting colors, neutral tones are always an excellent choice. Each year, we see new neutral tones take the spotlight, providing a different way in which to enjoy a basic color in the home. Below are a few examples of new neutrals that you can use to transform any room in your home.

Why Neutral Colors?

To begin with, you might be wondering why neutral tones are used in the home. While some people like to be bold with their color choice, neutrals allow you more freedom when decorating, so you are not stuck with one color palette. You are also able to tone down your home when in the market to sell or rent. Overall, neutral tones can create a lovely space that you can enjoy for years to come rather than having to repaint after tiring of bold color.

Renfrew Kitchen - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg, ManitobaCoffee Tones

Who doesn’t love a creamy cup of coffee? For new neutral tones in 2017, coffee colors are quite popular. From deep caramels to light marble creams, there are many ways to add coffee tones to the home. These beige base neutral colors help to create a perfect backdrop for any decorative color scheme. You can add pops of color with drapery and accents, easily changing up your décor in the future without having to repaint.

Colorful Grays

Gone are the days when dark or light gray are your only gray choices. Today’s gray neutrals are mixed with blue and purple tints to create lovely shades of gray that go perfectly in any room of the home. You can use such colors and pull out the tones as your accents for a beautiful monochromatic space. Try a light gray-blue in the bathroom for a calming effort or a purple-toned gray for your bedroom for a soothing sleeping area.


Another option you can consider for a neutral palette is pastels. We are not talking about your baby room colors but rather lighter than light pinks, blues, yellows, and greens for just a hint of color. With the tinted shades of white or beige, you can have a hint of color on the wall without going full-on pink or yellow. These lightly colored shades provide a small amount of color which you can pair with bright accents or printed pieces for a lovely look in the home. Go for a super-light shade for a subtle hint of color or go a little bit darker, so the color you choose shines out just a little bit more.

These are just a few of the neutral color options that are popular for 2017. When repainting rooms in the home, try a few samples of your favorite shades and view them in different lighting styles to find the right color for your space.

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