How to Plan a Home Addition

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Home additions are one of the fastest ways to completely change the way your family functions in your home. Imagine not having to use the bathroom in shifts, having more storage space, or creating extra bedrooms for your children. These are just a few of the many problems a home addition renovation can solve. The hardest part of this kind of project is planning how to do it, so in this article, we will break down the process from start to finish.

Deal with the home addition legalities first

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.There will be some building and property legalities to investigate before ever drawing up a plan. The first order of business is to determine things like building permits and property lines. Reach out to the city planning and building authorities to learn about the process and the fees that could be involved. Also, consider how the addition is going to impact the property taxes paid each year, as that is a surprise no one wants. There may be tax incentives as well, that would help pay or subsidize your project.

The collection of all this information will illuminate any codes that have to be followed, utilities that need to be deciphered, or how long it will take to get the right permit. Neglecting this step could result in fines and costly remodels if the work isn’t correctly done.

Consult with a home addition renovation expert

An experienced renovation and home building professional will be able to help nail down the right plan to add to the home’s space, design, and value. An expert will be able to identify if other renovations will be required to make the addition work. These are sneaky costs that might not be apparent in the first stages of planning or to the untrained eye.

Things such as relocating ductwork, moving windows, or changing a roofline can get costly. The expert will also be able to determine whether matching the exterior of the home is required or beneficial and if the materials can be found to do that. By working together, a complimentary look and functional design from the inside out can be achieved.

Devise costs and materials plans for the home addition

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Get a scope of work from the builder and add any additional costs relating to what is desired or needed for the addition. This can include a materials cost sheet, as well as finishing features like crown molding, countertops, light fixtures, and paint costs. These items can be listed out on separate spreadsheets and then compared to ensure the budget isn’t blown. Not only will this part of the process eliminate surprises in the budget, but it will also keep the addition project on track so that extra costs are not incurred because of bad time management.

Compare before the build – will the addition add value?

Additions can get expensive, and if there are any plans to sell the home within a few years, there are a few considerations to consider. Will the home addition price the house out of the market? Meaning will there be a realized rate of return on this investment? If the plan is to stay in the home for over 8-10 years plus, then this figure might not be as significant as the home will appreciate over time.

Home addition experts in Winnipeg

Adding an entirely new section to your home in the form of an addition is no small project. Even experienced DIYers will agree that there are some projects best left to the professionals. By hiring a full-service company for your home addition project, you remove the stress and get to enjoy the fun parts, like picking paint colors and other finishing touches.

Can the team at All Canadian Renovations help you with a residential addition project? Absolutely. We have years of experience and can help plan, manage, and design-build your vision. Give us a call or connect with us online and let’s get started today.