Basement Renovation Finishing Explained

Having a basement in your home can provide additional space which is useful in a variety of ways. Homeowners often choose to use a basement for storage, as an extra entertainment space, or both. When moving into a home, some basements are either partially finished or not at all. You’ll need a basement renovation for your home to create the space you wish to have as your basement. But what goes into finished basement renovation? Below, we answer these questions and more so that you can understand how your basement goes from unfinished to a finished space.

Basement Renovation Finishing Explained: Creating a plan and interior design

Before you can finish your basement, you need to create a plan. It is best to work with a home renovation contractor so that you create a plan that will work best for your home. Home renovation contractors specialize in basement renovations on the various roadblocks and pitfalls, and how to avoid them during your basement renovation. As per our services, our interior design team will be able to look at the space and devise a plan to create the type of room you wish to have.

There are many options and possibilities. Not sure where or how to start to decide it is that you want? Our experienced team of design-build specialists will walk you through every step and decision required. Basements can be made into one large space such as a game room or sectioned off to create multiple rooms, such as additional bedrooms, a bathroom, a home office, etc. Once the basement renovation plan is in place, the construction work can begin.

Basement Renovation Finishing Explained: Renovation and construction

After planning the hands-on renovation work will begin. We take care of it all – the existing basement demolition, framing the walls, insulation and waterproofing of the walls, and electrical wiring. All of our work follows the city of Winnipeg’s building codes, and we obtain the proper permits required for the work we are completing.

With the walls constructed, drywall is hung to enclose the framing to create finished walls. Additionally, the sealant may be used depending on the location of the home to ensure no water damage can occur in the basement area over time.

With the drywall installed, we typically look to complete the installation of the flooring and ceiling. If you have concrete flooring already in place, you can keep it bare and stain or paint it. Laminate or hardwood, as well as tile or carpeting, can be installed to create the final look you are trying to achieve. Our interior design team will be able to help with the flooring decision process if you need assistance. As we are installing flooring and ceiling, we will also be working to add other final construction-related items like electrical switches, lights, outlets, and other fixtures.

Basement Renovation Finishing Explained: Decorating and Décor – The final touches

Finished Basement Renovation - Basement Renovation Finishing Explained - Basement Renovation Winnipeg - Basement Finishing | All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Completing the décor of your new basement space can be the most exciting part for our clients. We can paint to color the walls, which is an easy way to bring color into the new space. You’ll be faced with other key decorating decisions as well, such as seating and other furniture, television, entertainment unit, shelving, etc. Depending on the type of room you are going for, a pool table or foosball table find a finished basement to be a great home. Adding art to the walls and other decorations on some of the furniture will let your personality shine throughout the finished basement space. Once the decorating process is complete, invite your friends and family over to show off your new finished basement!

All Canadian Renovations Ltd. is Winnipeg’s go-to company when it comes to creating a stunning finished basement space. Our home renovation contractors are basement finishing experts and are well-equipped to create your finished basement vision. Let’s get started on your basement renovation today – contact us at 204-779-6900 or visit our website for more information.