Water in Basements? Hire a Professional Renovator!

It has been an extremely wet couple of months in Winnipeg, and at All Canadian Renovations Ltd. (ACRLTD.) we know that better than anyone. Water in the basement leads to mould, musty smells, and damaged floors and walls.

We have been booked solid helping homeowners fix water issues in their basement because we believe – actually, insist – that highly skilled and trained tradespeople can only do this kind of renovation.

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Dealing with a Wet Basement: Prevention is Key

Water is the worst thing you can have in your house. In fact, it’s been stated that it’s the most powerful force in the universe, and it will find a way into your home. As a result, we recommend keeping it as far away from your house as possible. We recommend clients heavily focus on maintaining their homes’ exteriors through proper landscaping, eavestroughs, and downspouts that move water away. Keep window wells clear of debris and make sure they are not clogged and that the water doesn’t sit in them. Keep your gutters clean.

With water issues, it’s best to work from the outside in and keep the water outside where it belongs.

How to Spot Water Problems

water in a winnipeg basement
A common place for water to pool is in the corners of basements.

The first indication of any type of water issue is the smell of moisture coming down the stairs. While it is uncommon to have a little musty smell in the basement due to the fact you are underground, a bigger issue entails a stronger odour. Other signs of water in a finished basement include damp carpets, soft drywall, bubbling paint, swelling baseboards, and seeping window wells.

This year, many homes faced more than dampness in their basements, with many homes having water backing into their homes. This is where a functioning sump pump (you do test it occasionally, right?), weeping tiles, and backwater valves are your best source of prevention for water in your basement. Once a basement floods, you have a much bigger job on your hands with

Of course, no human has X-ray vision (that we know of), so that’s where All Canadian Renovations comes in. We have the ability and skillset to open up walls to find the source of water damage. For example, we worked on a couple of basements where we tried to find the source of one or two leaks, instead, we found half a dozen leaks. Every basement can leak, most of the time they dry out, but these weren’t one of those times.

Leave it to the Pros

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to DIY water in the basement or hire a contractor that will cut corners. It all comes down to safety and quality, which all our employees embody. Should someone attempt something beyond their scope of skills and understanding, they could hurt themselves and damage their homes. People go through years of trades training to do what we do, particularly regarding water prevention issues in the Winnipeg basement, skip the part where you try to fix yourself and give us a call.

We’ll get the City of Winnipeg permits needed and handle the inspection process for you as well.

Additionally, regular homeowners may not have the right equipment to take on a project of this magnitude. You may think you can swing by your local hardware store to pick up a few things, but certain renovations require particular certifications or licenses to carry out.

The Importance of Fixing Water in Basements

The basement can be the after-thought of the house, but it is also the very thing that could cause your home to rot from the bottom up. Your basement is your foundation which keeps your house stable and waterproofing your basement prevents your foundation from cracking.

It’s also good for your wallet to keep your basement dry. Energy costs tend to go up when basements are wet, due to water retaining high temperatures and cracks in the basement allowing air to sneak in. As a result, more money would go towards heating and cooling the home. As well, trapped water behind walls, in corners, in carpets and under floors is a breeding ground for mould. Mould abatement is not something for DIY’ers so call the professionals and get the mould removed properly and safely first.

We’ve Got Your Back and Basements

Although we are booked for the remainder of 2022, we want to emphasize that we are available for next year to assist with your wet basement needs. The fact that we have zero availability for the remainder of the year is a testament to our above-and-beyond skills, service, and dedication. With us, your basements are in good hands.