9 Ways to Liven Up Your Basement

A basement is a great additional space for any home. When you purchase a house that has a basement, you have extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. If you have a basement that is currently being unused, it is time to figure out what you want to do to liven it up and make it usable space. Whether your basement is unfinished or just lacking a purpose, there are many ideas to choose from below to bring life to this area of your home.

Create Several Spaces

An excellent option for a basement redesign is to create several spaces out of one big room. If your basement is a big space, you can add walls to create different areas. Think of how your family would benefit from more than one area. If you have children, you could create a family room for adults to watch television with another place for the children to play in. Making several spaces can add value to the home as well as areas to enjoy.

Movie Room

Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? Creating a movie room in your own home will allow you to enjoy a movie every night of the week. Make your basement a dark space with a large movie screen, with cushy seating for family movie night whenever you like!

Adding Bedrooms

A basement is also a great area to create bedroom space. As your family grows, you can section off your basement to be one, two, or even three bedrooms depending on the space you have in the home. A basement with ample square footage can easily be converted to bedrooms, providing a private space for every adult and child in the household.

Add a Bar

A stiff drink is enjoyable now and then, and one great way to liven up a basement is to add a bar. A basement is a great place to add a bar, complete with a marble bar top and cushy stools. Add your favorite drinks, have beer on tap, and a refrigerator to store snacks for a perfect evening!

Lighten the Color

If your basement seems dark and dreary, consider lightening up the space with colour. Choose a bright blue or creamy yellow to give the space a bright and cheerful feel.

Change Up Your Furnishings

One of the least expensive ways to revamp your basement is to change up your furnishings. Consider removing a loveseat and sofa and changing to an oversized sectional. Add a new television or more luxurious recliners to enjoy the space differently.

Exercise/Sports Space

If you like to work out or enjoy sports, you can make your basement an exercise or sports space. Add a dartboard, pool table, weight bench, or cardio machine. Add whatever you like to stay fit or to have fun.


Many basements are constructed with hard floorings such as vinyl or concrete. Add a new flooring such as hardwood or carpeting for a unique look. New flooring will transform the space and can make it quite comfortable.

Simple Redesign

Sometimes all it takes to liven up a space is to redesign it. You may be tired of looking at the same paint color, window treatments, furnishings, and décor. When you have had enough of your design, perhaps it’s time to rely on someone else. An interior designer can help you to enjoy a new look in the basement of your home. At ACR Ltd., you will find basement renovation experts on hand to help you make your home look it’s very best!