Our Top Kitchen Renovation Interior Design Tips

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsPlanning to have your kitchen renovated? One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is surrounding the floor plan and layout for your new kitchen. While a decision like this can be the result of many factors such as size and space, budget, etc. if you’re looking to improve functionality, flow, and add features, we suggest that you plan to redesign part or all of your kitchen. In this article, we’ll cover our top kitchen renovation interior design tips from the mindset that your project has been stripped to the studs.

With kitchens, it’s not all about making it look like a picture in a catalogue; that’s the easy part. Remember that a kitchen is often the place where there’s a lot of activity, so you’ll need to ensure that you have the substance to go with that style. You’ll also need to make some intelligent interior design choices to improve the function of your kitchen.

At All Canadian Renovations Ltd., we have ample experience doing just that. Our in-house interior design experts will guide your project from the planning stage and ensure that your kitchen renovation is a success!

For all kitchen design materials – try to see them in person

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsWhile this has been increasingly difficult to do during a pandemic, one of our most important interior design tips for kitchen renovations is for our customers to see and touch the materials before buying.

Whether it’s new appliances, cabinetry, paints, tiles, or even just knobs, it’s always best to physically go to a store or showroom to see these elements in real life before you commit to them. You can use the internet for research, but pictures or videos might not give you all the information you need to make a good decision. Specifically, they don’t give you the ‘feel’ of these elements.


Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsThe cabinets are some of the most used elements in your kitchen. So if there’s any part of your kitchen renovation to save a few bucks on, the cabinets are not one of them. Establish a comfortable budget and then shop around for the highest quality cabinets within your limit.

There are many parts to the cabinets to make decisions on. Each component can change the impact of the desired look and feel. Things like the material the cabinets are made from, the thickness of the doors and framing, style of the door fronts, color; all of these things can play a role.

In addition to those elements, thoughtful application of components like the hardware including their positioning, style, color, and interior organization features, can provide a real boost in functionality. Space between shelves, the number of drawers, the height of the cabinets, the style of the crowns (if there are to be any at all) – the list can be nearly endless.

Sometimes the number of decisions to be made over a single part of your kitchen renovation, like cabinetry, for example, can feel overwhelming. However, when you’re working with the ACR Ltd. Team, we’ll be able to pick up on your personality and tastes, just through friendly conversation. When it’s time to select the right options for you, we can help narrow down the process – and we’ll give our recommendations along the way.

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsFlooring

You should plan your flooring at the start of your project. Depending on what you choose to do, it might even influence the entire process. While this is the case with features like radiant floor heat, for example, the design, material, color, and how it’s installed are factors to consider as part of a holistic interior design for your kitchen space.

If you’re not sure what to do, the classics such as tile or vinyl are always a great option. Unique patterns can drastically change the look and feel of the room or add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsKitchen light: how it will be used

Lighting is an essential part of the kitchen since not a lot of people like cooking or dining in the dark. Consider how you use the kitchen and the places where you might need some extra lights to help you out.

For instance, you might want to add additional lights above the stove, or right next to it to ensure the area is properly lit.

With our team, we’ll use placeholders and provide a full walkthrough of how the room will be lit before we install a single light.

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsSelecting paint colours for your kitchen renovation

We’ve noticed that interesting pops of colour as a design feature are becoming increasingly popular for Winnipeg kitchen renovations, so don’t be afraid to go beyond the simple white shades. Or if you’re not ready for a big colourful commitment, white kitchens with neutral finishes and brighter accessories are a simple way to add some colour without fully committing to it.

Besides colour, we’ll help you identify top paint brands that are known for durability. This will ensure your kitchen renovation remains gorgeous for years to come.

Add an island

Our top kitchen renovation interior design tipsIslands are the perfect embodiment of style and function, so if you have space, definitely consider adding one complete with power and plumbing. It will completely reshape the look and feel of your kitchen!

A kitchen island is one of the most sought-after home features and is requested time and time again. We think it’s safe to say that your kitchen island will be in style for a long time after your kitchen renovation is complete.

There can be many decisions about the kitchen island as well such as what to put on the island; a stovetop, a sink, the material used, cabinetry colour, and other style choices like having a waterfall counter edge.

Your partner for kitchen renovation interior design!

We want to work with you to create the kitchen design of your dreams! Our relationships with our customers go beyond just home contractors and clients; we want to become involved in every step and act as a true partner. Our home design-build renovation process allows us to work closely with you, guiding every decision to take some of the weight off your shoulders for a truly pleasant experience that turns into a tremendous success!

If you need help with your Winnipeg kitchen renovation and interior design to bring your vision to life, All Canadian Renovations Ltd is ready. Request an estimate online today or call us at 204.779.6900 for a consultation!