Laundry Room Updates: Everything You Need to Consider

Questions to ask yourself when planning laundry room renovation - Laundry Room Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Basement Renovations Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The humble laundry room is undoubtedly the unsung hero of the modern home. Usually hidden away in a corner or basement and rarely thought of, modern laundry rooms have made a massive impact on our daily lives by saving us from a great deal of time-consuming labour! Yet, we still do not appreciate our laundry rooms.  Modern appliances designed to easily tackle the never-ending laundry pile in the basement, do not seem to stave off the sinking feeling that laundry is still just that; ceaseless and appallingly inescapable. 

Even though we can’t do your laundry for you, the talented staff at ACR would gladly build you a laundry room that makes your least favourite chore far more enjoyable!  All it needs is a bit of eye-catching design, a lot of functionality, and ACR’s magic touch. Here are some things to consider before you renovate your laundry room:

Basement laundry rooms

When washers and dryers first became a home staple in the 1950s, builders usually situated them in the basement because they generated so much torque that they needed to be bolted to the concrete floor! Even though machines are quieter than ever before, your basement is still well equipped to absorb vibrations and sounds from the spin cycle so as not to disturb the rest of the house. Washers need to be near a water intake valve while dryers need to be near a wall that allows for an outside vent, and both appliances need an electrical outlet. These two requirements are pretty easy to achieve in a basement, so you’ll be well on your way to making your laundry room more functional and pleasant if you choose the basement as the location! 

Another thing is that basements offer a world of options when it comes to design. Usually, they have plenty of space which means you can begin creating storage with shelves, closets, and custom cabinetry. There is also the possibility of handy extras such as a sink for handwashing, racks for drying, built-in countertops, and more goodies that will make your space more functional. Elevate your basement laundry room further by adding some drywall, paint, and flooring!  

Main floor laundry rooms 

A growing trend in the last thirty years has been to have the laundry room on the main floor. With appliances growing quieter by the year, there is less worry about the noise disturbing people in the living area. Many people who opt for a main floor laundry room combine it with a mudroom next to the back or garage door.  Another great option would be to create a walk-in pantry room combined with a mudroom and laundry room. While basement laundry rooms are excellent for people who want a lot of space to do laundry and store accouterments, main floor laundry rooms are great options for busy households or large families. 

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Upstairs laundry rooms

Some homeowners are now choosing the convenience of having a mini laundry room on the upper floor near the master bedroom. Upstairs laundry rooms can be fitted into existing closets or alcoves with custom shelves for storage, or they can be situated next to the bathroom to take advantage of existing plumbing. Upstairs laundry rooms are great for people with mobility issues since you could return your laundry to its drawers and cabinets without ever having to use a set of stairs. 

One factor to be aware of with upstairs laundry rooms is that washing machines, even expensive models, are vulnerable to leakage; they will overflow, or a pipe will burst, and you will have to deal with water. Water leaks on upper floors will flow downward and then damage ceilings, insulation, floors, walls, and furniture. Luckily, staff at ACR will be able to help you with prevention measures such as water leak sensors, automatic shut-off valves, installing a drain with a primer line, and other professional recommendations. 

Practical concerns

Would it be worth the investment of time and money for you to move your washer and dryer to an entirely new room or even a new floor? Do you have the space for a larger laundry room, or do you prefer to save space by having it tucked in a closet with a bi-fold door, keeping it out of sight? Both options are equally practical and workable with the right planning and expertise! 

Hiring a contractor will make your dream laundry room easier to achieve! For example, built-ins for efficient storage such as shelving are hard to properly DIY. A contractor can easily help you with measurements, timelines, design, and expertise. Also, it is wise to have a professional around whenever you are doing major changes to your space since you may come across structural issues, mold, water leakage, drywall damage, insulation problems, electrical difficulties, concerns about plumbing hookups, and more. Staff at ACR are used to skillfully dealing with such uncertainties with knowledge and professionalism!  Plus, we know about all the little details that will make your space stylish, functional, and safe – such as how to install a washer and dryer without crimping the exhaust and causing a fire, or how to insulate your machines for noise. 

Our job is to make your dreams come true! 

Whether you’re interested in making your laundry room more functional, more convenient, or nicer to look at, All Canadian Renovations is here to help you achieve your laundry room dreams!

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