Abundance of Caution – How ACR Does Renovations During Covid

As you may have heard, Covid-19 has inspired record numbers of homeowners to renovate! With fluctuating travel and entertainment restrictions, Canadians are spending the resulting savings on home renovation. Considering that the pandemic still has many of us working, studying, or just generally spending a whole lot more time at home, it’s no surprise that people would want to invest in making their homes more livable and enjoyable.  So how does ACR deliver the goods in the middle of a pandemic while keeping everyone safe?

Starting on the Right Foot

Once you decide to start planning your future home renovation it’s time to give us a call at ACR! All it takes is a short phone conversation to get the process started and to confirm an appointment date for an in-home consultation.  24 hours before the time and date of your in-home consultation, the client will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to confirm that they do not have any active Covid-19 symptoms. This is a standard Covid-19 questionnaire that many of us are used to filling out or verbally answering upon entering a dentist’s office or hair salon.  Measures like this help us to ensure everyone experiences safety and convenience during their home renovation. 

During your in-home consultation with ACR staff, we will survey the chosen renovation area and then work out the beginnings of a renovation plan and pricing estimate.  All in-house consultations are done within the parameters of Covid-19 protocols.  That means that while we are in your home,  staff, and clients will always be socially distanced by at least 6 feet.  Our staff wear medical-grade masks at all times and utilize hand sanitizer when needed.  

If the client still feels uncomfortable with an in-house consultation due to Covid -19 concerns, we can utilize photos and phone conversations to offer them a general pricing estimate, but we do need to be in your home to properly offer you the final pricing estimate.  Remember, at ACR we are here to accommodate you, so there is always the option to postpone starting your renovation until your Covid-19 concerns have subsided.

Provincial Guidelines 

The general population has become accustomed to following government-mandated guidelines for going about life during Covid-19, and ACR is no different.  As an essential service, we directly reference the local government for all Covid-19 rules and guidelines.  Another reference point for us is the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association.  Not only are they able to contextualize the government-mandated rules to our industry and peers, but they also do an excellent job of clearly outlining any updates or changes to government mandates for operating an essential service during Covid-19.  

Once we know the Covid-19 guidelines we put them into action right away! For example our onsite staff self-screen and stay home if they are sick, symptomatic, or awaiting results of a Covid-19 test.  Staff wear masks and gloves at all times whether they are interacting with each other, or with clients.  Staff is equipped with a special product that doubles as a hand sanitizer and a surface disinfectant for which to wipe down all hard surfaces that were touched.  Again, to further ensure everyone’s safety, clients are asked to complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire through email, 24 hours before ACR staff enter the residence.  This is all in consideration of provincial reclamations for Covid-19 protocol AND your peace of mind! 

Stay out!

While we do renovations in your home, the room that is being renovated is a construction zone which means that for safety reasons, the room is sectioned off and closed to anyone except ACR staff.  As good contractors, we want to protect you from dust, falling debris, power tools, and other hazards that should be left in the capable hands of professionals.  This rule was around before Covid-19 but also conveniently minimizes contact between homeowners and construction staff.  That is good news for us, and bad news for the spread of Covid-19! 

Besides, you’ll likely find that the commotion and noise of a construction site will naturally keep you well distanced from the action once it is all underway.  Homeowners can go about their daily life as they please while ACR is in their house doing renovations; in fact, many clients enjoy the convenience of not even having to be at home while the renovations are happening!  

The Power is Yours

Usually, clients will let us know if they are uncomfortable due to Covid-19, and want to decide to postpone their home renovation.  This is something that will happen during periods of high test positive rates during which people may prefer to be more cautious. Caution is understandable, and ACR would gladly support and accommodate any such changes to the renovation timeline.  Communication is key, and you can always let us know about your comfort level. 

Interested in making your house more of a home?  Contact us through our website or call 204.779.6900 today to explore your options and get an estimate!