Twain Bathroom Renovation

How did this bathroom renovation project come about?

This bathroom was awarded to this client as a result of winning our draw at the Winnipeg Renovations Show 2018 for a $10,000.00 bathroom renovation. The contest included pre-selected items for a bathroom renovation. While the items included for the contest winner were of top-notch quality, the homeowner wanted to upgrade most of these items.

How did you help the client select bathroom renovation pieces and upgrades?

We took the client shopping to our various suppliers, and helped choose some amazing upgrades! Some of the upgrades included; the tile work on the shower, the custom vanity, the beautifully selected accessories.

What were some of the steps taken with this ensuite bathroom renovation project?

We fully gutted the space, and built a beautiful custom tiled shower with shampoo niche and glass door. A custom milled vanity was installed with a stunning quartz countertop. A new sink, faucet, and new toilet were also installed, along with new vinyl tile flooring. The finishing touches with mirror and paint completed this gorgeous ensuite!

What was the outcome of the bathroom renovation?

We provided a STUNNING ensuite bathroom renovation that our customer and contest winner will enjoy for years to come!

The client chose to have us do additional work over and above the scope of the pre-selected contest prizes – and to cover the additional costs. The original contest prizes included an acrylic tub and walls, a choice of sheet vinyl flooring, a custom milled vanity with laminate top, pre-selected toilet, shower fixtures, sink and faucet. The client opted to replace the acrylic tub and walls with a custom tiled shower, and glass door. She also chose to upgrade from the pre-selected shower fixtures. The custom vanity wasn’t changed, but the client opted to upgrade to a quartz countertop instead of a laminate one. The sink was upgraded from a drop-in style to an under-mounted sink. The client kept the sink faucet and toilet that were part of the pre-selected prizes.

We fully gutted the space, upgraded the insulation in the exterior walls, and added sound barrier insulation in the interior walls. The shower area was waterproofed fully before the tile installation, and the drain was upgraded to meet the current codes and builder regulations. As this project was on the second floor, we had some challenges with the drain, as we did not want to have to cut into the ceiling below.

We were able to upgrade and relocate the drain to the correct location without any damages below. All of the remaining walls in the bathroom were covered with moisture-resistant drywall and paint. The client chose a beautiful vinyl tile flooring instead of sheet vinyl for a gorgeous finishing touch!