River Heights Screen Room and Exterior Renovation

This renovation required the complete demolition of the existing older screen room off the kitchen and extensive exterior renovations.

Using prime cedar for its appearance and durability, a new frame was constructed for this room. Composite deck flooring was used with a colour chosen that complemented the home’s new colour palette. A polycarbonate roofing system was used to shelter from direct sunlight and to divert rainfall and precipitation off of the screen room. Heavy-duty wire screening was used throughout including between the deck and the deck boards – to prevent mosquitos from coming into the screen room from below.

The home and garage was repainted for these repeat customers at the same time as the screen room renovation was completed. Over the years, ACR has been involved in other renovations and repairs for this customer.

Now a fully enjoyable living space, protected from mosquitos and other pests, and adding to the appeal of the home, this screen room is enjoyed by the client throughout spring, summer and fall, regardless of the elements that Winnipeg weather brings.