Highcliff Bathroom Renovation

The Challenge:

This Westwood client required a basement bathroom to cut down on the number of trips up and down the stairs due to mobility purposes. With a finished basement but nothing in place for a bathroom, we had to plan for a complete installation.


The Solution:

After consulting with the client on their needs, ACR developed a design and plan for the small bathroom renovation.

We pulled City of Winnipeg permits for the work and started the rough in for plumbing and electrical.

A 3-piece bathroom was selected to save space, to add value & utility to this home, and to offer an additional amenity to guests.

The interior design was done in-house with the intention of maximizing the small bathroom space with a functional design, a compact vanity, and a corner shower. Using an acrylic surround provided waterproofing and also saved space in the bathroom. The vinyl plank flooring was extended into more of the basement.