Columbus Whole Home Renovation in Westwood

This older home in the Westwood area of Winnipeg was in need of a major renovation to free up the main floor plan. With load-bearing walls and four jogs cluttering up the layout, structural components were a major point of this renovation.

Also, on investigation of the home, asbestos was found in the attic so a professional abatement crew was brought in to remove it. Having completely removed the asbestos, ACR was clear to start the renovations. After demolition and removal of the debris, laminate veneer lumber (LVL) beams were brought in through basement windows to shore up the main floor’s structural integrity. Teleposts in the basement also helped to ensure the structural integrity of the home. The load-bearing walls were removed and replaced with structural beams in the ceiling and hidden in support beams in the new floating island. Pot lights were used in the ceiling throughout the renovation. In the new living room, a fireplace/media wall was installed and laminate flooring was used on the entire floor to tie the renovation together.

The large structural beam overhead, now a feature of the house, spanned the entire floor and into the kitchen. The floating island sported a cleverly positioned support beam that made this essential support beam a functional design element of the renovation.

ACR worked with the client on the interior design, taking them shopping, and helped them pick out quality products with a modern aesthetic. With brilliant white countertops in the kitchen, new appliances and many new additional details, the open concept of the kitchen living room and dining area flowed seamlessly and brought new life to this home.