Get Rid of a Cramped Basement Once and for All

Do you love your home, but your basement is so cramped that it drives you crazy? If so, then you are not alone. Many people wish they could regain control over their cramped and cluttered basement, just like you. If you want to be able to open up your basement and make it usable, you have a few options. It only depends on what your ultimate goals are.

Starting Small with Organizing Your Basement

If you only want to begin a small undertaking, you should start by going through and organizing your basement. Take out anything you don’t use and either toss it or sell it. Things you only use now and again can get stored in the garage, attic, or even an outside shed. The stuff you use regularly can then be managed through totes, storage shelves, and hanging them up. By taking out the stuff that you do not use at all, or often, you open up space in your basement. This helps it feel less cramped and gives you the option of being able to use more of the space. This is an easy project to do on your own, but it can also involve the help of a contractor if you want shelves built or the basement of your home finished off to be more livable.

So Now It’s Time to Renovate

The proper way to do this of course – is to hire a reputable contractor. While you may feel that a basement reno can be a “DIY” project – did you know that the average time it takes for a homeowner to renovate their basement completely is SEVEN YEARS? Yes – SEVEN YEARS! By hiring a professional, your timeline will be significantly reduced! And, to properly renovate a basement, you could be looking at close to 10 different tradespeople working in your home! From the demolition crew (if your basement is already finished, or partially finished), to framers, drywallers, tapers, spray foam insulators, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, painters, and finishing carpenters!

When You Want to Go Big, Add to Your Basement

pamela-21-1024x681When you want to remove any cramped feeling from your basement, you can always extend your basement. This involves pouring a larger foundation, knocking out a wall, and having a bigger basement built out. This can give you a lot more room, plus leave your home open to an addition above the new basement down the line if you so choose. You will have to work with a contractor to get this done, as the walls and location must be selected very carefully not to impact the structural integrity of your home.
To find out what options come along with your home and property, give us a call at All Canadian Renovations Ltd. today. We can help you figure out ways of opening up your cramped basement and extending the parts of your home that you can comfortably live in.