Why Pick an Award Winning Renovator?

Like most homeowners researching a home renovation company, you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching, reading reviews, viewing photographs of their projects, and becoming comfortable with your selection of a company to work with on your project. Awards they may have received are often overlooked but can provide you with valuable insight into the company you choose for your home renovations.

What awards tell you about your renovations contractor

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Renovations companies that win awards care about the quality of work on every job.

Shoddy work doesn’t win awards. Competition can bring out better work from the participants, which they’ll need to produce impressive results and wow the judges to win the award. This is true not just for the Junos, but renovation industry awards as well. The judges of renovation awards, such as the RenoMark Renovation Awards from MHBA, know what to look for, so companies that win awards don’t rush through the design or construction process; they have to do the renovations exceptionally well to even be considered for an award. Companies that win renovation awards are highly skilled and can demonstrate intricate knowledge of building processes. There are no shortcuts for an award-winning project; they are well-designed, showcase expert craftsmanship, and they use high-quality materials, products, and finishes.

Peer Recognition

Building and remodeling award competitions are judged by experts who have considerable experience in the field and know the business. They won’t be fooled by a renovation that looks attractive, but cuts corners or uses inferior products.  That’s because the experts know the proper processes themselves and know how to spot quality work. The judges for renovations awards know what good work is and won’t reward poor craftsmanship.

Reputation Building

Awards show that the contractor can accomplish the work to very high standards. Remodelers aren’t going to tell you that they are going to sub out the work, hire cheap and inexperienced contractors, and generally try to extract as much profit from the job as possible. Companies that win awards are ones that consistently do a fine job. They accept nothing less than the best work from their people and processes. 

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View Sundial – a whole home award-winning renovation from ACR.

Pride in their Work

Companies that apply for awards take pride in their work. They are proud of the quality they can produce for clients and want to show off the renovations. They are also confident that their work can stand up to scrutiny by industry peers and be judged at the highest level. They know no corners have been cut, their clients are happy, and that when put under the judges’ microscope, their team and company will be found to be the best-in-class renovators.

The Details of Renovations Awards

Awards can also provide a little more detail about the company’s work, projects, and processes. Award presentations often include floor plans, before and after photographs, project cost, information about project goals, and products and finishes used in the project.

Since companies usually submit their most innovative or complicated projects to competitions, viewing the presentations can give you a good idea of the company’s expertise, ingenuity, and ability to turn their customers’ dreams into reality.

Community Building

Manitoba Home Builders AwardWhile national awards are a huge accomplishment, Winnipeg and Manitoba renovation awards speak more about your local renovations company. Local awards mean that the company understands its customers. Winning these awards indicate the company understands their customers’ wants and needs and keeps up with local trends. It also means they understand municipal laws and guidelines for their projects and have developed relationships with city and municipal officials who issue permits, inspect projects, and authorize zoning changes to make the project process more efficient.

Building, remodeling, and design honours aren’t the only awards you’ll want to consider when evaluating remodelers. Companies that are active in their community win awards from local organizations for their support and work in the community. These types of awards speak volumes about the character of the company you might hire for your renovation project.

Check out this award-winning kitchen renovation project of ours!

Thinking about Remodeling or Renovating?

Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen or turning your first floor into an open concept floor plan? ACR has been helping Winnipeggers renovate their homes since 2002, creating luxurious master bedroom suites, spacious gourmet kitchens, expansive game rooms, additions, complete home renovations, and other custom projects. 

You can trust that ACR will bring an award-winning work ethic to your project.