Small Space Home Renovations

Home renovations can be a challenge. It takes time, effort, and money to complete any size of a remodeling project, but once completed you will enjoy the space even more than before. This is no different if your home is smaller except that you may need a little inspiration to help you out. Many of the popular home renovations we complete to smaller homes focus around creating “more space” or “better organization.” Learning about the options for small space home renovations will help you generate ideas as to how you can upgrade your home. Below are some of the more common requests for small space renovations to get you inspired.

Small space home renovations – built-in storage

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Our clients often hope for better organization within their homes, small or otherwise. In these situations, we look at creating built-in storage. The storage created is tailored to the individual, their belongings, and their style. In living areas, we typically create entertainment units or shelving walls, which are perfect for storing television components, toys if you have kids, books, and personal mementos. We can create any storage solution with a variety of options – covered, glass doors, frosted glass, uncovered – and in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Another trick we rely on when working with a small space is to utilize the space between teleports in basements. Often, this space is too small to place the furniture. We take advantage of this space by creating cubbies or custom shelving. When we plan your small space home renovation with you, we look to use the nooks and crannies in the walls, adding to the function and style of the space.

Small space home renovations – free up floor space

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Many times, a small room will feel smaller when the floor is filled with furniture. To make the room appear larger, free some of the floor space. For furniture, we can create built-in units which will make the room feel more open. Our team of design-build contractors will be able to consult with you to best use the space we have. We will make recommendations where built-in furniture, such as couches, benches, or banquettes can be installed to free up floor space.

Small space home renovations – beneath the stairs

Don’t leave any space unfinished. If your home has stairs, this area is usually overlooked or just left as a block of storage. Without proper shelving and planning, you aren’t using this additional space to its full potential. Many homeowners have trouble visualizing how to use this awkwardly-shaped space. When you work with our design-build contracting team, we can give you options to put this space to use in your home.

Small space home renovations – murphy bed

If you need guest space but need to use the second bedroom as a multipurpose space, consider a murphy bed installation. Smaller homes can function wonderfully with a murphy bed installation. A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into the wall, keeping the space neat until the bed is needed. More and more homeowners are adding this option to second bedroom spaces that are used as guest bedrooms, office spaces, or for other uses.

Design the small space home renovations around the space you have

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Every home renovation project starts with our design-build contractors coming to your home and consulting with you. During this conversation, we learn about your needs. We also take measurements of the space you have and being to formulate a plan to transform the space. We always look to add functionality to the form. In the past we’ve utilized smaller spaces by creating unique shelving and storage, building office nooks, and two-piece powder rooms (sink and toilet). Examples of spaces we’ve worked these small yet important renovations into, could have formerly been an unused closet or a space under the stairs.

Small space home renovations – how we work with you

When it comes to small room home renovations, All Canadian Renovations Ltd. is skilled at designing and constructing elegant, yet versatile solutions. We can work with your ideas or we will help you create a plan to make the most of your smaller home.

If none of these options seem like a right fit for you, and you feel like you just need more space, maybe consider an addition. Whether it be the main floor addition or adding a second (or third!) story to your home – almost anything is possible!

Working with ACR Ltd. will ensure your renovation project goes off without a hitch, with space renovated and redesigned to your liking. To start the process and receive a consultation from us – give us a call at 204.779.6900 or contact us online!