How to Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Mold in Your Home

How To Recognize Warning Signs Of Mold In Your Home - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations WinnipegWhen you become a homeowner, you quickly learn that there is usually always something to clean or fix. Homeownership can be tough, especially when you have such issues as mold in the home. As a new homeowner, you may have no idea as to the early warning signs of mold growth and may end up with a problem that is out of control, before you realize there is a problem, to begin with. By learning to recognize the early warning signs of mold growth, you are better able to handle any mold or mildew issue that can occur in the home. Below are a few examples of early warning signs, so you are better equipped to deal with the problem before it escalates.

Allergic Reaction

Mold is an allergy to many people and can cause allergic reactions such as sore eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. If you find that you are suffering from allergies in the home, you may have a mold growth issue. Think about your allergy issues. Are you having a worse reaction at home? Do you feel better when you are outside the home? If you find that your symptoms are worse at home, you need to have a mold check completed to ensure your home is not affected.

Moldy Odor

Another sure sign of mold in the home is an odor. Mold has a very distinct musty smell. If you smell something odd, do not ignore it. You should have your home thoroughly inspected to find out if mold exists. Mold can easily settle in the walls or under the floors of your home and may not be visible. A full inspection would need to be done to determine where the smell is coming from and action taken if mold is found present in the home.

Visible Signs

When mold is discovered in the home, there are visible signs; while most people know what mold looks like, at times, small amounts go unnoticed or are mistaken for dirt. If you see mold growth, no matter how small, action should be taken to rid the home of mold immediately. Small patches can quickly spread and create a much bigger problem. Mold removal services will be needed to ensure that your home is not susceptible to a larger mold colony that could be hidden within the walls of the home.

Water Issues

Moisture problems in the home can also lead to mold growth. If you have had water problems in the home, there is a good chance that mold is present. If you see water stains on the walls, flooring, or ceiling, these areas will need to be evaluated. You may see water stains or discoloration in these areas, and the left behind moisture can lead to mold growth.

Overall, if you suspect mold is in your home, you should have the home evaluated. A check of every aspect of the home needs to be completed by a mold expert. This way, a plan of action can be created so that you know your home is safe and secure from mold growth.

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