Do Basement Renovations Add Value to Your Home?

Looking to do a renovation on your home that would simultaneously enhance livability and add to resale value? Finishing your basement is a great choice that would easily fulfill those needs! When you consider that more and more people are staying home, or working from home, the extra space is almost always needed! 

Here are our top five reasons why basement renovations add value to your home:

1. Start with the Foundation

This being Winnipeg, foundation issues are always a consideration, Manitoba’s shifting ground can cause all manner of havoc on basements that need to be dealt with before you consider upgrading and renovating the basement. If you see cracks in the concrete or get water leakage anywhere, then foundation work is your first renovation. While you may want to jump to interior renovations and start on that dream basement, you don’t want to have to tear it all down due to ongoing foundation issues. A dry basement is also the best basement to spend time in. Some issues can be dealt with from the inside while on the other extreme, your exterior basement walls may need to be trenched, repaired, and waterproofed. We would evaluate your needs for foundation repairs and let you know your best options before proceeding with creating your dream basement. Also, a fixed and updated foundation is a great selling point for homes that will add value to the resale of your home.

2. Finishing your basement will save you money on your next energy bill cycle.

Invest now and save in the long run! Our experienced basement renovation team can guide you through a basement renovation that will help reduce heating and cooling costs. Installing upgraded insulation, energy-smart appliances, LED lighting fixtures, or energy-efficient windows are all things that All Canadian Renovations can expertly help you achieve. 

Framing Wall for Basement Renovation - Basement Renovation Finishing Explained - Basement Renovation Winnipeg - Basement Finishing | All Canadian Renovations Ltd.3. Boost your home equity and increase resale value with an income suite.

Want an income suite in your basement to help with mortgage payments? Make sure it’s up to code with our guidance. Building a formal living space in your basement requires additional clearances from the city; especially when it comes to combustible appliances like a stove. There are a lot of considerations and codes that must be followed for a basement suite to be considered a livable, rentable, space. The safety of tenants is the largest consideration. Our experienced team at All Canadian Renovations can guide you through it all. 

4. Welcome your family into your home with peace of mind

Value does not have to be about money; add value to your daily living by remodeling your basement into an enjoyable space or to welcome visitors. Since we specialize in basement renovations at ACR, we can easily help you acquire accessibility features like reinforced stairway railings or a chairlift. Temporary accommodations in a basement have additional considerations, like another bathroom, soundproofing, following city code requirements, and accessibility concerns. 

Similarly, many people want to make their home lives easier as they move into older adulthood. At All Canadian Renovations, we are a proud Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), having earned this designation from the National Association of Home Builders, and can apply this knowledge and accessibility expertise to basement renovations.

Through our many years of experience, we have extensive, local (and sometimes worldwide!) contacts to quickly and easily source the materials needed for your basement renovation.

5. Add value to your daily life with room for hobbies or family togetherness 

Have you always wanted a convenient home gym, a movie room to bring your family together, or just a finished space for everyone in your household to unwind with a hobby? How about a themed sports viewing area? A games room? Renovating your basement would be an obvious choice to fulfill any one of these goals. Enjoying your home and family is easier with more usable living space. If you spend time at home, like we all have been, invest where you are, and support local businesses in the process. These upgrades and renovations add lots of value, both monetary and livability, to your basement and home.

We have designed and renovated many basements for clients, The value a renovated finished basement brings to your home is considerable if done correctly but with our guidance, you can be assured that it will be done right.

Kerslake - Recroom Renos by All Canadian RenovationsFinal Thoughts on adding value to your home by renovating your basement

There are too many factors at play to say exactly what value a redeveloped basement would bring to the sale of your home, but one thing all realtors agree on is that a finished basement is a very desirable feature that would help sell your home. Why not remodel your basement now while low-interest rates and flexible financing options are available from banks and lenders?

All Canadian Renovations is a leading home contractor in Winnipeg. We bring an award-winning work ethic and years of experience to your basement renovation. Our clients love our innovative home renovation process that keeps you in the loop from beginning to end!

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