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Why you should update your kitchen cabinets?

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.For most families, the kitchen is the heart of their home. If it isn’t leaving you inspired to cook meals or host friends and family, it might be time to consider some updates. One of the most jaw-dropping ways is to makeover your kitchen cabinets. There are several creative solutions when it comes to turning your outdated kitchen cabinets into a chef’s paradise. We have summarized some transformative tips and options below.

Kitchen cabinets “got paint”?

If you have structurally solid kitchen cabinets that are in good shape, paint might be a great alternative to updating your dated cabinet doors. This isn’t necessarily a “difficult” project. But truth be told, it can take a good bit of time depending on the size of the kitchen you’re working with. There is a process to do this properly and we would be happy to do the work for you.

Kitchen cabinets “saving face”?

Pulling down old kitchen cabinets and replacing them can be a costly decision. However, if you want to save yourself some money and are satisfied with the layout and size, maybe the fix is as easy as replacing what is in view. A cabinet refacing project can be the perfect compromise that will leave you swooning over your kitchen. Refacing kitchen cabinets is a fast way to make a big impact.

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Solve the storage strain

Sometimes it’s not the look of the kitchen cabinets that is the problem but rather the function of them. Instead of ditching your whole kitchen why not solve the problem with a solution by using your cabinets as your starting point. Pull out shelving inside your cabinets brings a level of high-end luxury which you tend to find in homes in newer designer homes. We can install this upgrade in some of the most cramp kitchens. The new shelving solution will leave you with more than double your storage.

Light your kitchen cabinets to a luxury look

Another way to transform your kitchen is with the use of light. Kitchens are notoriously known for having bad lighting and nothing looks good in bad lighting. You can completely change the look of your kitchen with some simple under cabinet lights. We have installed these in many homes. It really adds an element of sophistication to every kitchen.

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Get on an island – a “kitchen cabinets” island

How about adding something that will be the center of your creative kitchen works and food preparation? The addition of a custom island isn’t just a functional way to add counter space to your home, but also storage that can complement your existing kitchen cabinets. Having our team create your kitchen island will allow us to match the finishes and materials for a harmonious look.

New kitchen cabinets for that new kitchen smell

If the ideas above won’t suffice, perhaps it’s time to tear down and start from the studs. A full kitchen renovation refresh will give you the most options, flexibility, and creative freedom to design-build your kitchen precisely the way you have only dreamed of. Colors, finishes, textures, lighting, storage space, location and positioning can all be incorporated into your new kitchen design. All Canadian Renovations Ltd. has a fully-equipped team – from interior design experts to general contractors, to experienced sub-trades – taking your ideas from conception to completion.

Make 2019 the year you love your kitchen again! All you need to do is take the first step and call us for a kitchen renovation consultation. Reach ACR Ltd. via 204.779.6900 or visit our website to contact us to set up your appointment for a consultation.

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