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How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect?

How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect? - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Renovating the kitchen can breathe new life into an old house, making your time at home more enjoyable and comfortable, and boost the resale value of your property. But kitchen renovations aren’t as easy as simply slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and calling it “done.” For most homeowners, they will need to hire a reputable contractor to give them the kitchen they want that fits their budget. Finding a contractor requires homeowners to get an accurate quote on how much the work will cost, and how long it can reasonably expect to take. So how do kitchen renovation quotes work, and what can you expect? The expert home renovators at All Canadian Renovations Ltd. are happy to explain.

What should homeowners do to plan and prepare for a kitchen renovation quote?

It depends. If you’re renovating with the goal of selling the home or renovating for your own comfort and enjoyment, your plans will reflect your ultimate goals for a kitchen renovation. For reselling, you’ll want to renovate the kitchen with buyer expectations in mind. You’ll want to aim for either what’s trending in the kitchen or go with simple, traditional styles.

If your kitchen renovation is personal, then your needs and desires will be an integral part of your plans. You might want light-colored cabinets, or a new tin backsplash installed. Before contacting a professional for a consultation, have your ideas in mind for what you’d ultimately like to see in your new kitchen. At this stage of the process, you’ll want to decide on your final budget.

How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect? - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.How long will the kitchen renovation quote consultation take?

When you meet with a professional renovator, they will sit down with you and find out exactly what you need and want for your new kitchen. A licensed contractor should listen carefully to your needs, and brainstorm ideas with you. The consultation should be highly personalized. Depending on how in-depth and large of a kitchen renovation you’re looking for, the consultation and planning process can take several hours, and possibly span several days.

What is the typical length of the kitchen renovation quote process?

After the plans are finalized between you and the renovator, the quote process will begin. In most cases, this can take between seven and ten days. Drawings for your personal kitchen design may take a little longer, depending on the complexity of your kitchen! The final estimate will include the cost of the entire renovation, but will not include the cost of appliances. That is something you will also have to consider during your planning, and with your budget!

At Canadian Renovations Ltd., our initial consultation/visit to your home for a kitchen renovation is available to you at no charge. If you’re looking to renovate and breathe new life into your old kitchen, please call us at 204.779.6900 or contact us today, and we’ll be happy to brainstorm a highly personalized kitchen design for you.

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