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How to Plan a Home Addition

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Home additions are one of the fastest ways to completely change the way a family functions in a home. Imagine not having to use the bathroom in shifts, having more storage space, or creating extra bedrooms for your children. These are just a few of the many problems a home addition can solve. The hardest part of this kind of project is planning how to do it, so in this article, we will break down the process to from start to finish.

Deal with the home addition legalities first

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.There will be some building and property legalities to investigate before ever drawing up a plan. The first order of business is to determine things like building permits and property lines. Reach out to the city planning and building authorities to learn about the process and the fees that could be involved. Also, consider how the addition is going to impact the property taxes paid each year, as that is a surprise no one wants. There may be tax incentives as well, that would help pay or subsidize your project.

The collection of all this information will illuminate any codes that have to be followed, utilities that need to be deciphered, or how long it will take to get the right permit. Neglecting this step could result in fines and costly remodels if the work isn’t correctly done.

Consult with a home addition renovation expert

An experienced renovation and home building professional will be able to help nail down the right plan to add to the home’s space, design, and value. An expert will be able to identify if other renovations will be required to make the addition work. These are sneaky costs that might not be apparent in the first stages of planning or to the untrained eye.

Things such as relocating ductwork, moving windows, or changing a roofline can get costly. The expert will also be able to determine whether matching the exterior of the home is required or beneficial, and if the materials can be found to do that. By working together, a complimentary look and functional design from the inside out can be achieved.

Devise costs and materials plans for the home addition

How to Plan a Home Addition - Home Renovation Winnipeg - Winnipeg Windows & Doors - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Get a scope of work from the builder and add any additional costs relating to what is desired or needed for the addition. This can include a materials cost sheet, as well as finishing features like crown molding, countertops, light fixtures and paint costs. These items can be listed out on separate spreadsheets and then compared to ensure the budget isn’t blown. Not only will this part of the process eliminate surprises in the budget, it will keep the addition project on track, so extra costs are not incurred because of bad time management.

Compare before the build – will the addition add value?

Additions can get expensive, and if there are any plans to sell the home within a few years, there are a few considerations to consider. Will the home addition price the house out of the market? Meaning, will there be a realized rate of return on this investment? If the plan is to stay in the home for over 8-10 years plus, then this figure might not be as significant as the home will appreciate over time.

Home addition experts in Winnipeg

Adding an entirely new section to your home in the form of an addition is no small project. Even experienced DIYers will agree that there are some projects best left to the professionals. By hiring a full-service company for your home addition project, you remove the stress and get to enjoy the fun parts, like picking paint colors and other finishing touches.

Can the team at All Canadian Renovations help you with a residential addition project? Absolutely. We have years of experience and can help plan, manage, and design build your vision. Give us a call or connect with us online and let’s get started today.

Should you do a basement bathroom renovation project in your home?

Should you do a basement bathroom renovation project in your home - Basement Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Putting an additional bathroom into your home can boost your property value, and it can also make your life a little easier and more convenient. No more early morning hours fighting over who can take a shower first, and no more worrying about what to do if your main toilet or bathtub needs a repair. Having a spare bathroom in the basement can do wonders for your sanity and your home’s value. But is it always a good idea to add a bathroom to your basement or do a basement bathroom renovation for that matter? There are a couple of factors you’ll want to consider before you invest.

The local laws and ordinances

Adding plumbing and running considerable pipework through the basement can be complicated, costly, and sometimes it’s just not feasible. Running pipes through the underground is more complex than adding plumbing into the upper structures of the home.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to contact your local building authority. Starting a new bathroom renovation and running underground piping is often subject to strict local ordinances and zoning laws. If you decide to go ahead with your new bathroom renovation, you’ll want to make sure everything is legal. Ensuring your following codes for any bathroom renovation is important. This will prevent surprise headaches when it comes time to sell the property.

Should you do a basement bathroom renovation project in your home - Basement Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.New basement bathroom renovation – location

When it comes to choosing the exact location for your new basement bathroom, try to place it as close to existing plumbing and electrical work as possible. Situating the new bathroom directly below your existing bathroom will make hooking up the necessary pipes and electrical work much easier and ultimately, less expensive. This will lower the overall cost of the project and can make the installation go more smoothly and quickly.

New basement bathroom renovation – size

Should you do a basement bathroom renovation project in your home - Basement Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Next, consider the size of your new bathroom. While you might think that only your desires and imagination are the limiting factor here, the type of basement you have can ultimately determine the size and type of bathroom you get installed. Even the most skilled contractors can only do so much with a basement that does not offer the occupants dry or cozy conditions.

The thing is, basements are often chilly, damp, and sometimes they are moldy. Ideally, you might want a full-size bathroom, with a luxurious soaking tub. But if your basement is chilly for half the year or more and is prone to mold and dampness, you might have to forego the larger bathroom fixtures and install just an additional toilet and sink, or a toilet, sink, and modest corner shower stall. Even if you only end up with a toilet and sink at the end of the project, an extra powder room will make your life a lot easier and still increase your home’s resale value at the end of the day. If you install a shower or can put in a full-size tub, putting in a ventilation fan is an absolute must. You’ll reduce the humidity and potential mold overgrowth. Furthermore, having a ventilation fan is required by building code.

The first step to starting a basement bathroom renovation

Completing a new basement bathroom renovation isn’t a DIY project. You’ll need a skilled contractor to handle this job. An experienced contractor like All Canadian Renovations Ltd. will pull all required permits and will ensure that your bathroom is built to meet code. As professionals, we understand how best to position and construct your new basement bathroom for maximum enjoyment, function, and for potential future resale value. Contact us today to arrange an in-home consultation to determine if you should begin a basement bathroom renovation project.

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.We know there are few things in life more exciting than heading into a home renovation that you’ve spent months dreaming. Your imagination has been filled with visions of granite kitchen countertops, jetted jacuzzi tubs, and décor fit for a queen or king. However, even the best-laid plans can go awry. This can be especially true once you start tearing your home apart. Your plans may also end up in shreds! But, have no fear, we’re here to help you by offering tips to avoid common home renovation disasters!

Renovating without research can lead to home renovation disasters

You’re absolutely set on renovating your home a certain way, we get it. It’s your living space, and it should be exactly as you want it. However, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t renovating without research.

Do you know where the sun hits during the day? Where does family member’s laundry, dishes, toys, etc. tend to gather? Which rooms are you spending the most time in? What ways could the room be improved upon versus what you may already like about it? What features are most important to you – and what could you and your family live without?

The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of where, when, and what to bring down the literal sledgehammer onto.

Establish a budget to prevent financial disasters

Whether you set your budget below $10,000 – or upwards of $50,000 – or any number – be prepared for a potential 20% increase over the cost of your renovation.

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The contractor might come across a beam that has no business being responsible for the structural integrity of a home. Another frequent issue is insulation upgrades – which aren’t visible until the wall has been dismantled. Furthermore, serious health concerns such as mold or decay can be discovered when walls are ripped down. During a renovation, if you’re using a professional (and we highly recommend you do) your home must be up to code. Faulty wiring or plumbing, rot, mold, pests, water damage and asbestos are just a few common issues that can add up quickly!

While your home renovation is taking place, you’re certain to face higher utility bills. This is due to the additional power and water access needed. Don’t end up in a financial home renovation disaster – make sure your budget accounts for the increased costs.

While renovating certain rooms, it’s best if your access to the room is limited or non-existent. This can help the contractor speed up production, as they won’t need to deal with temporary solutions. As an example, if you’re renovating your kitchen, you should forget about using it. Leave room in your budget for dining out or ordering in.

Hiring an interior designer prevents home renovation disasters

Leave room in your budget to hire a reputable interior designer, especially if the renovation is on the larger side. Even better, don’t work with any home renovation or general contracting company who doesn’t have an interior designer on the team or aren’t able to recommend one they’ve worked with before. The good news is we have several designers who we’ve worked with in the past. We’ll happily guide you through the options and select an interior designer which is right for your job.

Choosing your home renovation contractor

Before you decide on a contractor, conduct thorough research and reference checks. Choosing the company with the lowest bid could turn your home renovation disaster, into a long-term disaster. Ensure you’re working with a team that will put your needs first.

Don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions! You want proof of happy clients and successful renovations. An established, efficiently branded company will serve you well.

Noise and clutter can leave you feeling your living in a disaster

A professional crew will keep clutter and dust as minimal as possible. Dust travels so be prepared to run an air filter if necessary.

Noise travels as well, and it’s unavoidable during a renovation. Proper communication with your crew will allow you to be out of the home on noisier days.

Home renovation disasters in the form of timeline delays

Tips for avoiding common home renovation disasters - Kitchen Renovations - Bathroom Design - Basement Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The construction team will do their best to follow an established timeline, but issues can pop up, especially in older homes. Custom designs take longer as well. Always plan for your renovation to take longer than the projected time. This will prevent home renovation disasters in the form of an over-extended timeline. There’s nothing worse than planning to host guests at your home, only to have passed the renovation deadline, but the renovation continued on.

Trust us to avoid home renovation disasters

Put your trust in All Canadian Renovations Ltd., for your next home renovation. We thrive on client satisfaction and will work hard to make sure you’re coming home to quality. See our extensive showcase of home renovations and read through our testimonials!

When you’re ready to start your home renovation disaster-free, contact us through our website or call us at 204-779-6900 to get started!

Hiring a professional for small home renovations

Hiring a Professional for Small Home Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Handyman versus General Contractor - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Do you want to upgrade your house? Even small home renovations can be stressful and daunting. Instead of struggling with measurements and getting the right tools, you may want to consider hiring the professionals to do the job.

But the question is, where do you look? Moreover, who do you trust? A handyman or a contractor? Word-of-mouth may not form enough trust if you’re looking for someone who can get the job done right.

What are some small home renovations?

  • Painting, patching, taping, or drywalling
  • Installing a single window or door
  • Hanging or installing curtains, blinds, or other home décor
  • Changing one or two components within a room – ie: only updating the vanity in a bathroom or toilet
  • Closet design and renovations
  • Front entrance or foyer makeover
  • Nursery room renovations
  • Built-in shelving or storage solutions
  • Yard sheds or other outdoor storage
  • Installing larger fixtures such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, etc.
  • Updating or adding trim, moulding, etc.
  • Renovations to a home’s nook

What’s the difference between handyman and contractor?

These terms may seem interchangeable, but they’re not. Handymen and contractors work in different ways.

Handymen may not be licensed to perform specialized trades, such as plumbing and electrical jobs. This doesn’t seem like a big deal but if you plan on selling your home in the future, paying someone else to redo the work to ensure everything is up to code may not seem ideal.

Contractors, however, are licensed in their specialized trades; if not, they can subcontract to other professionals who are. Watch our video on hiring contractors versus handymen.

Why avoid hiring a handyman for small home renovations?

Hiring a Professional for Small Home Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Handyman versus General Contractor - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.We suggest to prevent future headaches, to avoid hiring a handyman service to complete your home renovation. While many of these types of contractors can be talented at their selected craft, they often aren’t great at running a proper business. Without the business side of things looked after, it leaves you and your home exposed to issues. Here are a few of the issues you may encounter, should you choose to use a handyman for your renovation.

  • They may cut corners during a job
  • Likely won’t charge GST, which reduces the ‘paper trail’
  • Can decide to not work to code
  • Legal issues or frequent business name changes

When hiring for small home renovations – do your research

The best way to find a contractor is to conduct interviews and lay out the specific idea you’re looking to achieve through your small home renovations. You want a contractor who is willing to work within your budget without overlooking specific requests.

Specifically, we recommend finding a renovator who’s part of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association. Other certifications which can be achieved by companies are the “Certified Master Renovator” and the “RenoMark” approved builders. Finally, you can turn to non-industry specific resources like the Better Business Bureau association or read Google or Facebook Reviews from past clients of the business. With this research, you should be well on the way to finding a reputable contractor to take on your home renovation.

When hiring for small home renovations – conduct background checks

A personable contractor can be great, but if they don’t have all the background paperwork in order, then you may want to pass. Don’t hire a contractor that isn’t fully insured. This is not the same thing as being licensed. You’ll want to find out the specific insurance coverage the renovator has – ie: general insurance, liability insurance, worker compensation, etc. Not having insurance means that if they cause damage to your home, or someone is injured on the job, you might be the one stuck with the bill.

We also feel strongly about checking on the renovation company itself. Ask how many years they’ve been in business. Find out if they offer a warranty on their completed home renovations.

Do they have a website, a physical location, a P.O. Box number? Is their business incorporated or a Limited company? Depending on how you feel about any of the responses you receive or answers you find out to the questions, may be treated as red flags, which you should steer clear.

When hiring for small home renovations – other red flags to avoid

Hiring a Professional for Small Home Renovations - Home Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - Handyman versus General Contractor - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.You’re entering a serious contract when you select a contractor to renovate your home. Here are some other “red flags” to avoid.

  • Handshake contracts
  • Working for cash
  • Not charging GST
  • Lack of paperwork or paper trail

Make sure you receive a contract

Perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself is to receive the contract in writing. The home renovation company should also want to deliver the information in a contract, as it can help them protect their business. The contract acts as proof that the organization is legal, charging GST, and gives assurance the project is done for client ‘x’. All of this information shows the business is managed soundly and you’ll receive an invoice and receipt once the job and payment is complete.

When hiring for small home renovations – saving costs

Instead of having your selected contractor come back to your home every time a new job pops into your mind, consider batching the jobs together. Not only will the tasks be completed faster, but you may even save money in the process. It could also allow you to consider which small jobs may be big jobs in disguise. Having a clearer picture before beginning the work will let your contractor estimate with increased thoroughness and accuracy.

When hiring for small home renovations – scheduling conflicts

Stay on schedule and ask how long projects should take. However, keep in mind that these will be rough estimates and the circumstances of the work may change. Hounding your contractor to meet a deadline will create a negative work environment. It would be best if you asked about timelines but remain patient. Also, if the tasks you hired the contractor for can be broken into chunks – the contractor may not complete all the work in consecutive days. But, in any situation, your contractor should be able to inform you of their schedule in advance.

If you’re interested in improving your home or think you want a change, consider contacting us204.779.6900 or through our website’s contact us page.  At All Canadian Renovations Ltd. we treat each project and job site with the same respect, fairness, and common-sense no matter the amount of the work. Whether you need small home renovations or a complete remodel, be sure you’re working with experienced and insured contractors like us.

How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect?

How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect? - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Renovating the kitchen can breathe new life into an old house, making your time at home more enjoyable and comfortable, and boost the resale value of your property. But kitchen renovations aren’t as easy as simply slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and calling it “done.” For most homeowners, they will need to hire a reputable contractor to give them the kitchen they want that fits their budget. Finding a contractor requires homeowners to get an accurate quote on how much the work will cost, and how long it can reasonably expect to take. So how do kitchen renovation quotes work, and what can you expect? The expert home renovators at All Canadian Renovations Ltd. are happy to explain.

What should homeowners do to plan and prepare for a kitchen renovation quote?

It depends. If you’re renovating with the goal of selling the home or renovating for your own comfort and enjoyment, your plans will reflect your ultimate goals for a kitchen renovation. For reselling, you’ll want to renovate the kitchen with buyer expectations in mind. You’ll want to aim for either what’s trending in the kitchen or go with simple, traditional styles.

If your kitchen renovation is personal, then your needs and desires will be an integral part of your plans. You might want light-colored cabinets, or a new tin backsplash installed. Before contacting a professional for a consultation, have your ideas in mind for what you’d ultimately like to see in your new kitchen. At this stage of the process, you’ll want to decide on your final budget.

How kitchen renovation quotes work and what you can expect? - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - Kitchen Design Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.How long will the kitchen renovation quote consultation take?

When you meet with a professional renovator, they will sit down with you and find out exactly what you need and want for your new kitchen. A licensed contractor should listen carefully to your needs, and brainstorm ideas with you. The consultation should be highly personalized. Depending on how in-depth and large of a kitchen renovation you’re looking for, the consultation and planning process can take several hours, and possibly span several days.

What is the typical length of the kitchen renovation quote process?

After the plans are finalized between you and the renovator, the quote process will begin. In most cases, this can take between seven and ten days. Drawings for your personal kitchen design may take a little longer, depending on the complexity of your kitchen! The final estimate will include the cost of the entire renovation, but will not include the cost of appliances. That is something you will also have to consider during your planning, and with your budget!

At Canadian Renovations Ltd., our initial consultation/visit to your home for a kitchen renovation is available to you at no charge. If you’re looking to renovate and breathe new life into your old kitchen, please call us at 204.779.6900 or contact us today, and we’ll be happy to brainstorm a highly personalized kitchen design for you.

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets?

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.For most families, the kitchen is the heart of their home. If it isn’t leaving you inspired to cook meals or host friends and family, it might be time to consider some updates. One of the most jaw-dropping ways is to makeover your kitchen cabinets. There are several creative solutions when it comes to turning your outdated kitchen cabinets into a chef’s paradise. We have summarized some transformative tips and options below.

Kitchen cabinets “got paint”?

If you have structurally solid kitchen cabinets that are in good shape, paint might be a great alternative to updating your dated cabinet doors. This isn’t necessarily a “difficult” project. But truth be told, it can take a good bit of time depending on the size of the kitchen you’re working with. There is a process to do this properly and we would be happy to do the work for you.

Kitchen cabinets “saving face”?

Pulling down old kitchen cabinets and replacing them can be a costly decision. However, if you want to save yourself some money and are satisfied with the layout and size, maybe the fix is as easy as replacing what is in view. A cabinet refacing project can be the perfect compromise that will leave you swooning over your kitchen. Refacing kitchen cabinets is a fast way to make a big impact.

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Solve the storage strain

Sometimes it’s not the look of the kitchen cabinets that is the problem but rather the function of them. Instead of ditching your whole kitchen why not solve the problem with a solution by using your cabinets as your starting point. Pull out shelving inside your cabinets brings a level of high-end luxury which you tend to find in homes in newer designer homes. We can install this upgrade in some of the most cramp kitchens. The new shelving solution will leave you with more than double your storage.

Light your kitchen cabinets to a luxury look

Another way to transform your kitchen is with the use of light. Kitchens are notoriously known for having bad lighting and nothing looks good in bad lighting. You can completely change the look of your kitchen with some simple under cabinet lights. We have installed these in many homes. It really adds an element of sophistication to every kitchen.

Why you should update your kitchen cabinets - Kitchen Design - Winnipeg Kitchen Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Get on an island – a “kitchen cabinets” island

How about adding something that will be the center of your creative kitchen works and food preparation? The addition of a custom island isn’t just a functional way to add counter space to your home, but also storage that can complement your existing kitchen cabinets. Having our team create your kitchen island will allow us to match the finishes and materials for a harmonious look.

New kitchen cabinets for that new kitchen smell

If the ideas above won’t suffice, perhaps it’s time to tear down and start from the studs. A full kitchen renovation refresh will give you the most options, flexibility, and creative freedom to design-build your kitchen precisely the way you have only dreamed of. Colors, finishes, textures, lighting, storage space, location and positioning can all be incorporated into your new kitchen design. All Canadian Renovations Ltd. has a fully-equipped team – from interior design experts to general contractors, to experienced sub-trades – taking your ideas from conception to completion.

Make 2019 the year you love your kitchen again! All you need to do is take the first step and call us for a kitchen renovation consultation. Reach ACR Ltd. via 204.779.6900 or visit our website to contact us to set up your appointment for a consultation.

Home renovations that require a contractor

When you become a homeowner, you quickly find out that your home needs constant attention. It is not uncommon for home renovation needs to pop up. Sometimes, you can take care of the renovation yourself, such as painting your home’s interior. Other times, it’s best to hire a contractor, as some home renovations require a contractor. Licensing is required to complete certain home renovations. Specialized contractors need to be licensed to complete technical work within your home. As the consumer, you need to be sure the company you hire for your home renovation is the right person for the task at hand.

Specialized trades require licensing for some home renovations

Home renovations that require a contractor - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.There are specialized trades, such as electrical and plumbing work, that require licensing to compete. The contractor will have the licensing needed to do the job correctly and in a legal manner. With licensing, the individual or company completing the work will be insured. Having insurance helps to hold the company liable if damages were to occur during your home’s renovation.

Risks associated with not hiring specialized trades for your home renovation

There are risks to not hiring specialized trades which aren’t licensed. If you hire an individual that is not licensed and damages or an issue occurs during the repair work, you could have to pay more to have the issue fixed than the cost of the original repair. When an individual is not licensed, and they do not meet local code requirements, then it will cost more to fix the issue as well as code violations.

If the work is completed without damaging your home, you could still be liable should a future accident ever occur. As well, if the work isn’t completed to local requirements, you may have to disclose this information when you purchase home insurance or during the resale process of your home. Not having a professional contractor complete your home renovations can keep costing you well after the work is completed.

Other reasons to hire a contractor for home renovations

Some larger home renovation projects that will require more time, machinery and several workers to complete. If you are completing a major kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel where repairs are needed with plumbing work or electrical, a contractor will be needed. HVAC needs also fit into the contractor category. You want a licensed professional helping you with the project to ensure all protocols are followed, protecting any warranty you have on your unit during the repair service.

When your home renovation will require a contractor

Home renovations that require a contractor - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg - Winnipeg Bathroom Renovations - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Along with the reasons for hiring a contractor for your home renovations mentioned above, here are some suggestions when your home renovation will require a contractor:

  • When you have a job that is going to take more than a week, it is recommended that you work with a general contractor
  • If a job in your home will require several professionals, then a contractor should be hired
  • Should permits are needed, a contractor should be hired

Think about the scope of your home renovation project. Should you have experience or a background in construction, using tools, etc. and feel confident in your skills, perhaps completing the home renovation yourself is the right call. However, if your renovation project requires professional knowledge and experience, don’t hesitate to hire a contractor. With the help of an expert team like All Canadian Renovations Ltd., your home renovation project can be planned, budgeted for, and set to ensure that the changes you need are completed promptly, with all codes followed and permits pulled – following our proven home renovation process.

When you choose to do it yourself or hire an individual that is not licensed, you can cause yourself more trouble in the long run. We encourage you to work with our team of professionals, or at very least, reach out to us to learn more about how we could work together to make your next home renovation project a success. To discuss your next project with us – simply call 204.779.6900 or visit our website and contact us via our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Small Space Home Renovations

Home renovations can be a challenge. It takes time, effort, and money to complete any size of remodeling project, but once completed; you will enjoy the space even more. This is no different if your home is smaller. Many of the popular home renovations we complete to smaller homes focus around creating “more space” or “better organization.” Learning about the options for small space home renovations will help you generate ideas as to how you can upgrade your home. Below, are some of the more common requests for small space renovations to get you inspired.

Small space home renovations – built-in storage

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Our client’s often hope for “better organization” within their homes, small or otherwise. In these situations, we look at creating built-in storage. The storage created is tailored to the individual, their belongings and personal style. In living areas, we typically create entertainment units or shelving walls, which are perfect for storing television components, toys if you have kids, books, and personal mementos. We can create any storage solution with a variety of options – covered, glass doors, frosted glass, uncovered – and in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Another trick we rely on when working with a small space is to utilize the space between teleposts in basements. Often, this space is too small to place furniture. We take advantage of this space by creating cubbies or custom shelving. When we plan your small space home renovation with you, we look to use the nooks and crannies in the walls, adding to the function and style of the space.

Small space home renovations – free up floor space

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Many times, a small room will feel smaller when the floor is filled with furniture. To make the room appear larger free of floor space. For furniture, we can create built-in units, which will make the room feel more open. Our team of design-build contractors will be able to consult with you to best use the space we have. We will make recommendations where built-in furniture, such as couches, benches, or banquettes can be installed to free up floor space.

Small space home renovations – beneath the stairs

Don’t leave any space unfinished. If your home has stairs, this area is usually overlooked or just left as a block of storage. But, without proper shelving and planning, you aren’t using this additional space to its full potential. Many homeowners have trouble visualizing how to use this, usually awkward shaped space. When you work with our design-build contracting team – we can give you options to put this space to use in your home.

Small space home renovations – murphy bed

If you need guest space, but need to use the second bedroom as a multipurpose space, consider a murphy bed installation. Smaller homes can function wonderfully with a murphy bed installation. A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into the wall, keeping the space neat and tidy until the bed is needed. More and more homeowners are adding this option to second bedroom spaces that are used as a guest bedroom as well as office space or other use.

Design the small space home renovations around the space you have

Small Space Home Renovations - Small Bathroom Renovations - Small Kitchen Renovations - Home Additions - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Every home renovation project starts with our design-build contractors coming to your home and consulting with you. During this conversation, we learn about your needs. We also take measurements of the space you have and being to formulate a plan to transform the space. We always look to add functionality to the form. In the past we’ve utilized smaller spaces by creating unique shelving and storage, building office nooks, and two-piece powder rooms (sink and toilet). The spaces we’ve worked these small, yet important renovations into can be an unused closet or under the stairs.

Small space home renovations – how we work with you

When it comes to small room home renovations, All Canadian Renovations Ltd. is skilled at designing and constructing elegant, yet versatile solutions. We can work with your ideas or we will help you create a plan to make the most of your smaller home.

If none of these options seem like a right fit for you, and you feel like you just need more space, maybe consider an addition. Whether it be the main floor addition or adding a second (or third!) storey to your home – almost anything is possible!

Working with ACR Ltd. will ensure your renovation project goes off without a hitch, with space renovated and redesigned to your liking. To start the process and receive a consultation from us – give us a call at 204.779.6900 or contact us online!

Planning your bathroom renovation

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.The bathroom renovation is one of the more common rooms to be updated within a home. In older homes, bathrooms are easily outdated. Typically, a bathroom renovation requires new plumbing to meet code standards as well as new fixtures to meet today’s trends. The new plumbing and fixtures can help boost energy efficiency and conserve water. Even in newer homes, you may decide you want a jetted tub or you wish to replace your tub with a shower. Whatever the case may be, planning your bathroom renovation is essential to its success.

Planning your bathroom renovation – what changes are to be made?

The first decision you need to make for a bathroom remodel is what changes are going to be made. Are you planning to demolish right to the studs? In that situation, you will need to change out everything. Or, are you looking for a lighter touch – perhaps just replacing the vanity and the bathtub? Writing down what you want to change will help you to create a realistic budget. Renovating from top-to-bottom will cost a great deal more than smaller, simpler changes. It’s important to write down each item you plan on replacing. so you can find the products you want to use. This will give your project’s cost the greatest visibility.

Once you know the changes you wish to make, you can visit stores or look online for vanities, light fixtures, faucets, etc. Doing the research in advance will help you to price your project and have an idea of what you want. This can lead to less spur of the moment decisions and will give you a chance to watch for sales and discounts.

Planning your bathroom renovation – should you hire a professional home renovator?

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Now that you know your budget and have a few things picked out, it’s time to decide if you will be hiring a professional to complete the bathroom renovation project for you. There is a benefit to completing your bathroom renovation yourself – but also many downsides. If you do not know what you are doing, you can end up having to stop the work and hire someone which may lead to a higher price point. This equation also doesn’t factor in how much your time is worth – could it be better spent with family or doing other things?

Planning your bathroom renovation – how to select a home renovator?

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.By hiring a home renovator for your bathroom renovation, you are hiring a professional who understands this line of work. They will know what they are doing and have the experience to complete the project on time. Speaking to our team at All Canadian Renovations Ltd., we know how to handle any problems we may encounter as the bathroom renovation progresses. Having our experience can be invaluable – you never know what’s behind your walls until you’ve knocked them down. Along with our expertise, you can rest assured the renovation will be completed the right way the first time. Our experience plays a major role in completing any bathroom renovation on-time and on budget.

Planning your bathroom renovation – choose All Canadian Renovations

Planning your bathroom renovation - Bathroom Design - Bathroom Remodel - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Choosing a home renovator is a big job, as you want to hire someone who will do the work correctly and has good standing in the home renovation industry. Specifically, we at ACR Ltd. believe in this – we are part of the Manitoba Home Builders’ Association – where we are recognized as a Certified Master Renovator. We are part of the Renomark contractor network and have won the Consumer Choice award. As well, but not to brag (too much), we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 5/5 rating on Facebook and 4.5/5 star rating on Houzz. And, we recently joined RenovationFind – receiving an A+ rating from their ranking system.

If you’re looking for a top home renovation company to complete your bathroom renovation –  call us today at 204.779.6900 or contact us through our web-based form. We have vast experience in home renovations and bathroom renovations are one of our many specialties. With our team on your side, we will complete your bathroom renovation project with ease, giving you a new space to enjoy.

What’s Involved in Replacing Your Windows and Doors?

Over time, as a homeowner, you’ll begin to make changes to your property. Changes can be cosmetic like paint color, major renovations to kitchens or bathrooms or building new additions to add square footage. These changes will vary based on your own preferences and budget. However, one common area where changes will need to be made over time, which is easy to overlook, is to your home’s windows and doors. Last month we covered the reasons why replacing your window and doors will benefit your home. As a home continues to age, windows lose energy efficiency. Over time, doors need to be replaced to provide better efficiency or to provide more security in the home. But, what’s involved in replacing your windows and doors of your home?

Replacing your windows and doors – Upgrading your windows and doors

What’s Involved in Replacing Your Windows and Doors - Window Installation Winnipeg - Door Installation Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Making upgrades to windows and doors requires several steps. Once you have made the decision to change out these areas of your home, you will need to find a company to assist you with the installation. No matter what type of windows and doors you have in the home, it will require professional assistance. You might be able to complete the work yourself, but in most cases, homeowners tend to run into issues where they need help, such as leveling or sizing. Many problems can arise if your home’s windows and doors aren’t properly installed.

Replacing your windows and doors – Hiring professionals

With the help of ACR’s professional window and door installers, you’ll see your new windows and doors installed in no time. Our professional installers know how to size up the areas of your home to complete installation correctly the first time.

What’s Involved in Replacing Your Windows and Doors - Window Installation Winnipeg - Door Installation Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.In addition to our installation services, our professional team can guide you through different options for your home. Acting as consultants, we will help you choose higher efficiency windows so the comfort level in the home ideal. For door installation, we’ll guide you through upgrade options to improve the security of your doors by recommending better materials and options. By talking with ACR Ltd., a company specializing in window and door installations, you’ll have all suitable options laid out in front of you, along with our recommendations.

Replacing your windows and doors – Process complications

The process of changing out windows and doors isn’t for the average handyman. It can become complicated quickly, leaving many homeowners with a mess on their hands. The door and window frames need to be measured with precision. There may be more work involved in leveling the new installation. The right thickness of window and door must also be used. Any casing or framing will need to be reworked or added back in once the new installation is completed. All these factors become more precarious with window and door installation for older homes.

Replacing your windows and doors – Knowledge and experience matters

What’s Involved in Replacing Your Windows and Doors - Window Installation Winnipeg - Door Installation Winnipeg - All Canadian Renovations Ltd.Without the knowledge or experience, it takes a lot of hands and time to finish a full installation of windows and doors in the home. As a homeowner, if you’re completing the work yourself, the installation of windows and doors may stretch into multiple days or weeks. It also helps to have the correct tools to complete the tasks – which many homeowners don’t own. With our team by your side, the new installation can be completed quickly, and you will be able to enjoy your new windows and doors in no time.

We still have a couple of months of summer left. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows or doors – now is the time! Rely on the experts at ACR Ltd. to assist with your window and door installation needs. Call us today for a free consultation for your home – phone 204.779.6900!