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Home Renovation Trends to Watch in 2018

Strood Addition - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations WinnipegWhen it comes to renovating the home, trends are constantly changing. Homeowners often find that design aesthetics change and to keep up; changes must be made to the home. It can be quite fun to renovate your home and bring each room up to date based on the latest design styles. As 2017 is coming to an end, designers are already discussing the upcoming trends to watch for in 2018. Read on to see just what you can expect for the upcoming year when it comes to renovations.

More Color in the Kitchen

One of the hottest trends that will continue into next year is adding more colour to the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are taking on more colour, offering homeowners a choice of alternating the colour of wall and base cabinets as well as choosing one bold colour for the entire set of cabinets. The options are endless, but for the most part, the biggest trend involves having the base cabinets a strong neutral such as dark grey, dark blue or even black. The upper cabinets are usually a lighter colour, be it white or light grey. However, you can choose to use any colour you like to customise your kitchen as you see fit.

Richer Colors for Accents

When it comes to accents in the home, the colours used are constantly changing. It is not uncommon for homeowners to see accent items colours change from year to year. For 2018, rich colours are going to be expected for accent pieces in the home, particularly mustard yellow and plum purple. These colours blend well with black and white as well as grey and brown, creating the perfect accent colour to coincide with neutrals in the home.

No More Standard Color Kitchen Sinks

Gone are the days when stainless steel and white kitchen sinks reign supreme. For next year, designers expect stone, copper, granite, and concrete to be the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen sinks. You can easily find sinks made from these materials to suit your sink needs, from farmhouse style to deep and double-sided.

Florals are Back

Decades ago, it seemed everything was being made in floral prints. Such prints are making a comeback, but this time, they are being created in contrasting colours. From bold designs to simple colouring, florals will be found on everything from bedding to curtains.

Casual Design

For 2018, the overall design aesthetic is considered casual. Minimalistic is a term used to describe the incoming causal design. Gone are the days when the walls of a home should be busy with artwork and décor. Just a few simple pieces should be added to the home to create an overall cohesive design. Think simple artwork pieces and clean lines within your décor when changing out the design of your home next year.

Overall, a few exciting design changes are coming to 2018 when it comes to renovations. Whether you are choosing to overhaul a room completely or just want to change the décor, you have some new trends to consider. Let ACR LTD help you with all your design and renovation needs in the New Year.

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Debbie & Al

Thank you for the great work your company provided. Al and I are missing Jon! He was becoming part of the family! Know that we are thoroughly enjoying our renovation and we found Jon to be an excellent worker and enjoyed his company.

We hope to have your company complete more work in our home in the future.

All the best in the holiday season,

9 Ways to Liven Up Your Basement

Ragalan Interior Renovation - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Basement Renovations Winnipeg, Manitoba

A basement is a great additional space for any home. When you purchase a house that has a basement, you have extra space that can be used in a variety of ways. If you have a basement that is currently being unused, it is time to figure out what you want to do to liven it up and make it usable space. Whether your basement is unfinished or just lacking a purpose, there are many ideas to choose from below to bring life to this area of your home.

Create Several Spaces

An excellent option for a basement redesign is to create several spaces out of one big room. If your basement is a big space, you can add walls to create different areas. Think of how your family would benefit from more than one area. If you have children, you could create a family room for adults to watch television with another place for the children to play in. Making several spaces can add value to the home as well as areas to enjoy.

Movie Room

Who doesn’t love a night at the movies? Creating a movie room in your own home will allow you to enjoy a movie every night of the week. Make your basement a dark space with a large movie screen, with cushy seating for family movie night whenever you like!

Adding Bedrooms

A basement is also a great area to create bedroom space. As your family grows, you can section off your basement to be one, two even three bedrooms depending on the space you have in the home. A basement with ample square footage can easily be converted to bedrooms, providing a private space for every adult and child in the household.

Add a Bar

A stiff drink is enjoyable now and then, and one great way to liven up a basement is to add a bar. A basement is a great place to add a bar, complete with marble bar top and cushy stools. Add your favourite drinks, have beer on tap and a refrigerator to store snacks for a perfect evening in!

Lighten the Color

If your basement seems dark and dreary, consider lightening up the space with colour. Choose a bright blue or creamy yellow to give the space a bright and cheerful feel.

Change Up Your Furnishings

One of the least expensive ways to revamp your basement is to change up your furnishings. Consider removing a loveseat and sofa and changing to an oversized sectional. Add a new television or more luxurious recliners to enjoy the space differently.

Exercise/Sports Space

If you like to work out or enjoy sports, you can make your basement an exercise or sports space. Add a dart board, pool table, weight bench or cardio machine. Add whatever you like to stay fit or to have fun.


Many basements are constructed with hard floorings such as vinyl or concrete. Add a new flooring such as hardwood or carpeting for a unique look. New flooring will transform the space and can make it quite comfortable.

Simple Redesign

Sometimes all it takes to liven up a space is to redesign it. You may be tired of looking at the same paint color, window treatments, furnishings and décor. When you have had enough of your design, perhaps it’s time to rely on someone else. An interior designer can help you to enjoy a new look in the basement of your home. At ACR Ltd., you will find basement renovation experts on hand to help you make your home look its very best!

How to Make Your Home CAPS Approved

Elmhurst Bathroom Renovation - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg, ManitobaThe term CAPS refers to Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist and how individuals with such certification can assist in the remodelling process of the home to create a comfortable place for seniors to live. With this certification, an individual can design living spaces for the elderly to be able to live out their days at home as they age. Most seniors would like to remain in their home but need renovations to be performed to ensure that the house is safe.

A CAPS approved home is not just for the elderly. Such certification can also provide remodelling assistance for dwellings where individuals suffer from disabilities or health issues in which changes need to be made to the living space. When trying to reorganise a home for the elderly or disabled, there are changes you can make as well as look to a CAPS professional for guidance.

What You Can Do

There are steps you can take in the home to make the space more accessible to disabled or senior family members before you work with a CAPS professional. To begin, you can rearrange the furniture in the living spaces to make each room more open. Open pathways are needed when an individual is wheelchair bound. Take time to make living rooms and bedrooms easy to navigate via wheelchair or for the use of a walker.

The elderly and disabled can also have difficulty reaching items that are high up, such as in the kitchen or bathroom areas. Take time to provide shelving and storage at lower points so regularly used objects can be reached easily.

Working with a CAPS Professional

The homeowner can easily complete the steps mentioned above. However, when it comes to significant recommended upgrades, a CAPS professional is required. You want to be sure that you work with a CAPS pro to add updates that will be efficient but also are up to code standards for home building.

Railings may be needed in some areas of the home as well as grab bars in places like the bathroom. A CAPS professional assists by showing you how these railings and grab bars should be installed and where they would be of the most benefit. Ramp building must also be considered. When a loved one relies on a wheelchair, ramps will need to be built at all entry and exit points to provide safe entry as well as an exit if a fire or other issue were to occur.
Additional significant upgrades for the home can include widening the doorways and hallways of the house and lowering countertops. These are not small jobs and require a CAPS professional to ensure that every aspect is considered and the house is changed to reflect the needs of the elderly or disabled family member.

With the help of All Canadian Renovations Ltd., you can have a CAPS professional assist you with upgrading the home to suit a specific individual’s needs. Don’t stress about having to determine how to includes such upgrades within your home as you can rely on the knowledge and experience of a CAPS expert to complete the job.

Which Room Should You Renovate to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home?

Farmhouse Kitchen - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Winnipeg Kitchen RenovationsIf you are considering selling your home, there are many factors to consider. What will your sale price point be? Should you complete any repairs or renovations? Your home needs to be evaluated to determine what can be changed and how you can add value to the home. When it comes to renovating rooms to increase resale value, the top choice for most homeowners is the kitchen.

Kitchens sell houses, so you want your kitchen to be visually pleasing as well as practical. Potential buyers want to see plenty of cabinet space, quality appliances, and charming features. Take a look around your kitchen. Are your cabinets old or outdated? Are your countertops chipped or an odd colour? Review your kitchen as a potential homeowner. What would you like to see changed? Renovating a kitchen space can add major value to the home, helping you to earn more than you ever thought possible.

Simple Changes

If your kitchen is not in too bad of shape, you might just make a few minor changes to make the space more appealing. This can include painting the cabinets, adding new countertops, a new sink and faucet, and backsplash. Any of these components can go a long way to adding value to your kitchen. Even changing out the lighting and adding new hardware to the cabinetry will help in upping the sales price of your home.

Complete Overhaul

If your kitchen is outdated, it is recommended that you consider a complete overhaul. An old kitchen will make your home feel outdated and can put home buyers off. Potential home buyers want to see new appliances, shiny countertops and clean and tidy cabinets. If you have old and discoloured appliances, faulty cabinets and old countertops, the kitchen can be a non-selling point for the home.

When your kitchen is in rough shape, consider a full remodel. This would include gutting the kitchen, upgrading plumbing, electrical, and exterior wall insulation, removing the cabinets and countertops, and starting from scratch. This could be a lot of work and time consuming, plus expensive. However, you will have a brand-new kitchen that will help you get top dollar for your home.

What to Consider

When selling your home, it is important to look at how much money you can invest into your home to still make a profit. For most repairs and renovations, you may not make your money back with the sale of your home. However, a new kitchen could help you sell your home much faster, and for more money than you could have, if you left the kitchen in “as-is” condition!

To find out the best option for you, it’s best to consult with the experts. Contact one of our renovations consultants today at 204.779.6900, or send us an email.

Why Do Professional Renovations Cost So Much?

Why Do Professional Renovations Cost So Much? - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Basement Renovations WinnipegHome renovation is a growing, ever-changing industry. As design trends change, contractors must adapt to stay competitive in any marketplace. Building codes change, materials used in renovations become regulated and have basic requirements put on them, and best practices change.

In cities like Winnipeg where many homes were built 100 years or more ago, renovators often run into problems like knob and tube wiring and asbestos insulation or have confined spaces to work within. As more and more new homes are built for seemingly inexpensive costs, you start to wonder, why do professional renovations cost so much?


Did you know, in the city of Winnipeg, permits may be required for your renovation project? Not only are permits important to ensure safety and other standards are met during the renovation process, but also if you choose to sell your home in the future. Realtors and buyers alike are likely to research past work completed on a home before deciding to make an offer.

Not having permits in place can dramatically impact the cost of a renovation, if work needs to be re-done retroactively. Also, if a permit was required for a project, and no permit was pulled, you – the homeowner – could run into some serious issues with your home insurance policy. For example, imagine you were having electrical upgrades done to your home, and instead of using a licensed electrician, your contractor did the work himself without a permit. Should there be any problems down the road, say, an electrical fire – the first thing your insurance company will ask you is “who did your electrical upgrade? Was a permit pulled?” Should your electrical fail, and cause a fire that damages your home – your insurance company may not cover the costs of repair. The same thing could be said for any major plumbing upgrades, structural work, etc.

At All Canadian Renovations, we ensure proper permits are in place before starting any renovation project. If a permit is required for the project – All Canadian Renovations will pull the required permits. No questions asked. You can learn more about residential building permits on the City of Winnipeg website.


Websites like Houzz and Pinterest provide great inspiration for home renovations. However, neither truly shows the depth of work that is required to achieve the pictured result. While it may look like a coat of paint, some new flooring, and new light fixtures were added, there is often much more that goes into the overall process. In a bathroom renovation, for example, the old plaster walls may have been taken down, insulation upgraded, a proper vapour barrier added, and new mold resistant drywall put in place. Before and after pictures may show the colour of the walls changed, but won’t always show the full depth, or the amount of work required.

Return on Investment

When you get into replacing fixtures and appliances your costs can increase quickly – all with a good return on investment. Newer fixtures are designed to use a lower volume of water or less energy, thus saving you long-term in usage costs, and helping the environment! Upfront the cost will impact the overall renovation cost, but in the long run, it is well worth the investment.

Modern Technology

New appliances or light fixtures may have electrical requirements that older wiring systems cannot handle, or can but will be pushed close to their breaking point. Upgrading the wiring in your home could be required to meet current fire, safety, and building code standards; this can also happen with old insulation in attics and walls. New insulation is engineered to maintain internal temperatures of the home, while still being safe to have in the home.

The long and short of it is, professional renovators have spent the time and energy to become experts in their field. The planning and consideration that they put into your project, in addition to the manual labour itself, account for part of the cost. The other factor is the long-term outcome. True professionals will put the time and energy into the work the first time around, so you can trust that the results will last long after you’ve stopped thinking about the bill.


Hello Marcel – Thank you again for helping us renovate our kitchen. Jim did his magic and everything looks fabulous! Thank you, thank you, for all your hard work and support!!!

Mike and Cathy

Hello Curtis – Thank you for checking in on us prior to our warranty expiring. Everything in the washroom works, and looks as if you had installed it yesterday instead of 2 years ago. I am pleased to say we have not one single concern. Again, thank you very much for the splendid work. Yes – we will certainly keep you in mind for anything in the future. Many thanks!


Thanks so much for the lovely bathroom Curtis. Your crew was friendly , courteous, and helpful. I would not hesitate to call on your company again.

The New Neutral: Colors We Are Seeing Everywhere

Painting a room in your home can be fun and exciting. It is incredible what a change in color can do to brighten or open up space. By simply spending a little money on paint, you can transform a room into a new place to relax and enjoy. When it comes to paint colors, neutral tones are always an excellent choice. Each year, we see new neutral tones take the spotlight, providing a different way in which to enjoy a basic color in the home. Below are a few examples of new neutrals that you can use to transform any room in your home.

Why Neutral Colors?

To begin, you might be wondering why neutral tones are used in the home. While some people like to be bold with their color choice, neutrals allow you more freedom when decorating, so you are not stuck to one color palette. You are also able to tone down your home when in the market to sell or rent. Overall, neutral tones can create a lovely space that you can enjoy for years to come rather than having to repaint after tiring of a bold color.

Renfrew Kitchen - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Kitchen Renovations Winnipeg, ManitobaCoffee Tones

Who doesn’t love a creamy cup of coffee? For new neutral tones in 2017, coffee colors are quite popular. From deep caramels to light marble creams, there are many ways to add coffee tones to the home. These beige base neutral colors help to create a perfect backdrop for any decorative color scheme. You can add pops of color with draperies and accents, easily changing up your décor in the future without having to repaint.

Colorful GraysCordova Bathroom Renovation - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gone are the days when dark or light gray are your only gray choices. Today’s gray neutrals are mixed with blue and purple tints to create lovely shades of gray that go perfectly in any room of the home. You can use such colors and pull out the tones as your accents for a beautiful monochromatic space. Try a light gray-blue in the bathroom for a calming effort or a purple toned gray for your bedroom for a soothing sleeping area.


Another option you can consider for a neutral palette is pastels. We are not talking about your baby room colors but rather lighter than light pinks, blues, yellows and greens for just a hint of color. With the tinted shades of white or beige, you can have a hint of color on the wall without going full-on pink or yellow. These lightly colored shades provide a small amount of color which you can pair with bright accents or printed pieces for a lovely look in the home. Go for a super light shade for a subtle hint of color or go a little bit darker, so the color you choose shines out just a little bit more.

These are just a few of the neutral color options that are popular for 2017. When repainting rooms in the home, try a few samples of your favorite shades and view them in different lighting styles to find the right color for your space.

ACR Ltd. is a top-rated remodeling company that can easily assist with the redesign of your home, including choosing a new neutral color palette. Consult with ACR today to see how you can enjoy home renovations.