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What’s Your Interior Design Style?

Every homeowner wants to be able to decorate a beautiful space, but it can be difficult to describe the desired style. A challenge that many homeowners face is being able to describe or define their personal interior design style. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know how to decorate a home or to assist in describing your goals to a home decorator.

Interior Design Style: Modern

Modern Kitchen - What’s Your Interior Design Style? - Winnipeg Home Renovations - ACR Ltd.This type of design is one that refers to a home that has clean lines and a simple palette when it comes to color. Materials that are often used in this design style are steel, glass, and metal. Furniture is simple, with décor being minimal. A term often used to describe modern design is sleek.

Interior Design Style: Minimalist

Another popular design concept, this option is popular as it takes modern design but simplifies the idea even further. Color palettes remain neutral with light and airy colors used like light blues and whites. Furniture is quite simple with nothing excessive when it comes to décor. This type of design is defined by the sense of functionality in the space.

Interior Design Style: Traditional

Traditional Kitchen - What’s Your Interior Design Style? - Winnipeg Home Renovations - ACR Ltd.If you find yourself enjoying classic details in a space and having a wide variety of accessories in the home, then your design style is more traditional. A traditional home will include dark wood with rich color palettes used on the walls and within the décor. A nice variety of textured materials will be used as well as ornate details within furniture. There is a depth to this style as items are layered, such as with bedding or sofa décor.

Interior Design Style: Industrial

With this style, the inspiration revolves around an urban loft or warehouse feel. With industrial style, there can be exposed beams and bricks as well as metal accents. High ceilings, metal light fixtures and sparse furniture that is focused on functional are what you will find in this design style. A mix of wood and metals will be added to rooms in the home to create an industrial look.

Interior Design Style: French Country

French Country Bathroom - What’s Your Interior Design Style? - Winnipeg Home Renovations - ACR Ltd.A popular design style that never seems to go out of style is French Country. With this style, warm and earthy colors are used to create a worn and comfortable feel. Common colors used in this décor style is gold, yellow and red. Natural materials to be used in this design are brick and stone. When decorating in French Country, one can take inspiration from a farmhouse feel but would be including more dramatic décor and coloring.

Interior Design Style: Rustic

Rustic Bathroom - What’s Your Interior Design Style? - Winnipeg Home Renovations - ACR Ltd.An extremely popular design style in today’s home is rustic. Drawing from natural inspiration, homeowners are using raw and unfinished wood and other materials in the design aspects of their dwellings. From fireplaces to exposed wood beams and shiplap, there are many ways rustic features can be added to the home.

These options are just a few of the design styles you may identify with. Selecting a style, will allow us to match your tastes with the interior design of your home. Don’t feel restricted to a single style, as we can implement a mix of varying options to meet your desired look. What is important to us, is that the end result of your home renovation show your own personal style.

If you’re interested in discussing a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or any other home renovation with a specific style of interior design in mind – contact us today and we will setup an appointment with you!

Three Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

3 Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your HomeYour home is your sanctuary, so you want it to be inviting when you arrive from work after a hard day. While the home’s interior is what makes you comfortable, the exterior of your home is where you can show off your property. For most homeowners, boosting curb appeal is always on your mind. How do you make the exterior of your home more appealing? Below are three ideas to easily boost the curb appeal of your home, adding value as well as style.

Home Renovations to Boost Curb Appeal: New Front Door and Windows

Changing out the front door and windows of your home can affect the exterior appearance of your home. With both options, you have a cost-effective way to upgrade without breaking the bank. Look for energy-efficient products to maximize your savings. Changing the front door can have a huge impact on the home. A new door can be added with a touch of glass or other intricate details to help your home stand out. Choose a bright color to see the exterior of your home shine. As far as windows are concerned, they have a huge impact when older windows are replaced with new options. Be sure to upgrade the casings at the same time. The home will appear fresh and new, plus add value!

Home Renovations to Boost Curb Appeal: New Siding and Paint

3 Easy Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

The physical exterior of your home should also be considered when upgrading curb appeal. If you have old siding, consider updating to a newer style with better quality siding. Today’s siding comes in a variety of colors and textures, at a cost-efficient price point. Siding can be added to your home, not only to update the curb appeal but also provide an added boost energy efficiency for the home.

Paint is also something to consider. If you have a natural brick or stucco exterior, paint can be used to update the look. Go for a wow factor with this surface type by trying a unique painting technique. A whitewash or smear technique with paint on brick can completely transform the look of your home.

Home Renovations to Boost Curb Appeal: New Front Entrance

The front entrance of your home is a place where guests are greeted and are the welcoming space of your home. This area can be updated in a variety of ways. Look at your front entrance. Are the steps crumbling or the front porch in need of paint? Are your doors old and worn and light fixtures rusty? With little touches, you can update this portion of your home and create a lovely look that will appeal to visitors visually, showing off the architecture and character of your home! Completely change the look of your front entrance by adding a new door with windows on the side, letting light inside the home and creating a grandiose front entry space.

These are just three options that can be used to update the curb appeal of your home. If you are stuck as to what you can do to make such changes, consider consulting with ACR LTD. Working with experts in home design, you can create curb appeal that truly makes your house shine.

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Hi Curtis – Thank you for checking in on me prior to the warranty expiring. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply, but I was trying to find anything that needed attention. No matter how hard, or how critical I looked, I just couldn’t find anything. Greg just did too good of a job (and I sincerely appreciate it). Please pass my many thanks to him for a job well done. Thanks to ACR for a great job. I am really enjoying my great kitchen (and bathroom renovation from a few years earlier!)

Bring Spring Into Your Home With This Simple Weekend Reno

Bring Spring into your Home With this Simple Weekend Reno - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Windows & Doors WinnipegSpring seems to be finally showing itself, marking the perfect time to start those home renovation projects you’ve been holding off on starting. Spring is perhaps the most popular time for a home update in Winnipeg; the weather is nicer, and it creates a better environment for working. Homeowners often feel the need to make updates in spring, as they watch the grass and flowers grow, wanting to see the same great changes inside their home as well. One way to update the home this spring that is both simple and affordable is with paint. Paint can easily be used to update any area of the home with a little time and effort.

Painting Walls

The most popular way to change up the look of the home with a simple weekend reno is with the walls of your home. Paint one room or a few rooms, changing up the look and feel of the space. With paint, you can easily give a room a new look without breaking the bank. During a weekend, start your project by taping off the trim and ceiling, preparing the space to be painted. Make sure to prime the surface with a quality primer before you start painting. Using paint and primer in one product, although it can save some time initially, has its downside.  Depending on the surface you’re painting, two-in-one products can peel incredibly easily.

Painting Furniture

If you don’t want to commit to painting a whole room, you can always paint a piece of furniture to change the look of the space. Paint has come a long way over the years and can easily be used to revitalise old furniture. Take chalk paint for instance. A big trend right now is taking older pieces of furniture and painting it with chalk paint. This paint type dries quickly and can be sanded a bit for a unique look. Most old furniture – hutches, coffee tables, and dressers are especially popular choices -you have can be refreshed with a little time and some paint!

Revamp Your Décor

Did you know that you can easily update your décor items with paint?  From shelving to frames and other accent items, you can easily revamp your décor with paint. Depending on the material, you can use spray paint along with traditional paint. Choose bold colours that will stand out to create a conversation piece in the home or go with a neutral to create a calming palette.

Not much of a DIYer, or prefer to spend your weekends and evenings socialising with friends and family?  Hire a professional to beautify your house for you! At All Canadian Renovations Ltd, we can help with your next big design and paint project. Contact our office today to learn more about how you can renovate your home.

All Canadian Renovations Ltd. and Enabling Access

SAFE Living ManitobaAll Canadian Renovations Ltd. is proud to announce our partnership with Enabling Access.

Enabling Access is an organization that provides a preventative service to Manitoba residents who require assistance or special accommodation in their living space.  They can identify any independent living risk factors, and features or in-home modifications that may be required. Through Enabling Access, homeowners can receive a physical and cognitive screen of their residence to determine where accessibility features could be incorporated to simplify daily living.  They will complete a full accessibility assessment of the residence and provide certified recommendations for services, equipment, and home modifications that can improve the functionality of the home.

That’s where we come in.  As the leading CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) approved renovator in Winnipeg, we have been selected as Enabling Access’s preferred community partner.  Through the services provided by Enabling Access, residents can connect with us, and other community partners to access the equipment and services that are designed to simplify their daily experiences.

To learn more about Enabling Access and the services they offer, visit them at  To learn more about CAPS renovators, visit

If you, or someone you know, requires renovations to their home to improve the accessibility of the residence, contact us today!

How Much Value Does an Ensuite Add to Your Home?

How Much Value Does an Ensuite Add to Your Home? - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations WinnipegWhen renovating the home, it is important to consider how a change will be of benefit to you, the homeowner. Will you see a return on your investment in the long term or short term? Will you be using the new addition or renovated space on a regular basis? By asking yourself these questions, you can determine if the project you have planned is worth it. Take for instance an ensuite. Having an ensuite bathroom in your master bedroom is a major convenience. Perhaps your home does not have an ensuite or you want to enhance what you already have. This is actually one of the best projects you can complete in the home as it can provide great value from the very start.

A quality ensuite will enhance the resale value as soon as the project is finished. This means your investment will pay off from the very beginning, rather than having to wait years to see a return if you decide to sell.

Resale Value

With many other home improvement projects, such as adding flooring, there is no instant value other than the aesthetics of the space. However, with the addition of an ensuite bathroom to your master bedroom, you get to enjoy the immediate benefit of the project.  Additionally, if, or when, you do decide to sell your home you may find that more potential buyers are interested in the home because of the extra private bathroom it has to offer.

After the addition of an ensuite bathroom, many homeowners see a good portion of the cost of the project returned in the resale value of the house.  Keeping in mind this is all dependent on a variety of factors like the time of year the house sold, the area of Winnipeg the house is in, and the buying market at the time.  Speak to your realtor for more information about buying or selling houses in Winnipeg.

Not a Common Addition in Older Homes

In homes built in the 1970s and 1980s, an ensuite was not as common as they are today. If an ensuite did exist, it was a small powder room and not what homeowners today wish to have. A popular renovation of older homes is to expand the smaller bathroom into a large, full ensuite. For a larger home with an existing ensuite, common renovations include adding luxury fixtures and newer appliances such as a steam shower. Homeowners today want jetted tubs, saunas and more.

There are ways to renovate an existing home to add an ensuite, by either taking space from another room, adding on or renovating an existing ensuite. Going ahead with such projects will add instant value to your home, helping to ease the cost of renovations. All Canadian Renovations Ltd are experts at renovating and upgrading older houses; they have brought numerous Winnipeg character homes into the 21st century.  Contact us to plan an ensuite project that will work best for your home, providing value and benefit to you and your family.

25 DIY Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Home Maintenance

All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - 25 DIY Hacks A Cheat Sheet for Home MaintenanceWhen it comes to homeownership, new homeowners quickly find out that there is much to do, basically all the time. From cleaning to organising and storing unused items to standard maintenance, there are always things you can do to make your home better. Below are a few DIY hacks to help with home maintenance.

  1. All-purpose cleaner. One way to cut down on cleaning time and stay on budget is to have an all-purpose cleaner.
  2. Freshen Garbage disposal. Freeze white vinegar in ice cups and lay them in the garbage disposal once frozen to clean and freshen drains.
  3. Be sure to change out air filters regularly. Keep a microfiber cloth on hand to wipe down the return to avoid unwanted dust.
  4. Clean out the dryer lint screen after every load, washing the screen from time to time and allowing it to dry before reusing.
  5. Wash and Dry. Have everyone wipe the shower down after showering so that the tub/shower stays clean and avoid having to scrub the tub on a regular basis.
  6. Avoid clogging your drains by using a drain cleaner on a regular basis.
  7. Clorox Wipes. Use them for any and everything, from wiping counters to fixtures.
  8. Ceiling fans. Use dryer sheets to remove unwanted dust from ceiling fan blades.
  9. Kitchen cabinets. Take time to check the hinges and handles of kitchen cabinets.
  10. Add liners to the fridge to help with keeping it clean.
  11. Test smoke alarms on a regular basis.
  12. Once a year, be sure to steam or deep clean all flooring, from carpeting to tile.
  13. At least once a year, clean out the closets of your home and remove any unused items or clothing.
  14. Put that self-cleaning oven to the test or do it yourself to have a nice and shiny cooking surface.
  15. Dust picture frames. Use a microfiber cloth and remove dust and grime from picture frames.
  16. Grease squeaky doors. Use a lubricant to grease squeaky doors, so they work correctly.
  17. Update paint throughout the home to bring in a fresh look.
  18. When time permits, reorganise areas that you use most often such as your dresser drawers or kitchen cabinets.
  19. Replace/wash shower liner. Give yourself a fresh one with a replacement or freshly washed liner.
  20. Wash those windows. See your reflection by washing windows when they become too dirty.
  21. Replace any broken items. From towel racks to curtain rods, replace any broken items in the home by making a list and checking off items one by one.
  22. Washing curtains. Be sure to wash curtains from time to time, removing dust and dirt.
  23. Clean knickknacks. Take time to clean these items with a cloth and wiping down shelving.
  24. Light bulbs. Replace any missing light bulbs and be surprised at how bright your home becomes.
  25. Restock cleaning supplies. Be sure to keep your cleaning supplies fully stocked so that you have what you need when its time to clean.

These tips will help you maintain your home and save time when cleaning.  When it comes to big jobs, like remodelling your bathroom, it’s best to call in the experts.  The professionals at All Canadian Renovations Ltd. Can help you with all types of home renovation – contact us today to discuss your next project!

Home Renovation Trends to Watch in 2018

Strood Addition - All Canadian Renovations Ltd. - Bathroom Renovations WinnipegWhen it comes to renovating the home, trends are constantly changing. Homeowners often find that design aesthetics change and to keep up; changes must be made to the home. It can be quite fun to renovate your home and bring each room up to date based on the latest design styles. As 2017 is coming to an end, designers are already discussing the upcoming trends to watch for in 2018. Read on to see just what you can expect for the upcoming year when it comes to renovations.

More Color in the Kitchen

One of the hottest trends that will continue into next year is adding more colour to the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are taking on more colour, offering homeowners a choice of alternating the colour of wall and base cabinets as well as choosing one bold colour for the entire set of cabinets. The options are endless, but for the most part, the biggest trend involves having the base cabinets a strong neutral such as dark grey, dark blue or even black. The upper cabinets are usually a lighter colour, be it white or light grey. However, you can choose to use any colour you like to customise your kitchen as you see fit.

Richer Colors for Accents

When it comes to accents in the home, the colours used are constantly changing. It is not uncommon for homeowners to see accent items colours change from year to year. For 2018, rich colours are going to be expected for accent pieces in the home, particularly mustard yellow and plum purple. These colours blend well with black and white as well as grey and brown, creating the perfect accent colour to coincide with neutrals in the home.

No More Standard Color Kitchen Sinks

Gone are the days when stainless steel and white kitchen sinks reign supreme. For next year, designers expect stone, copper, granite, and concrete to be the most popular materials when it comes to kitchen sinks. You can easily find sinks made from these materials to suit your sink needs, from farmhouse style to deep and double-sided.

Florals are Back

Decades ago, it seemed everything was being made in floral prints. Such prints are making a comeback, but this time, they are being created in contrasting colours. From bold designs to simple colouring, florals will be found on everything from bedding to curtains.

Casual Design

For 2018, the overall design aesthetic is considered casual. Minimalistic is a term used to describe the incoming causal design. Gone are the days when the walls of a home should be busy with artwork and décor. Just a few simple pieces should be added to the home to create an overall cohesive design. Think simple artwork pieces and clean lines within your décor when changing out the design of your home next year.

Overall, a few exciting design changes are coming to 2018 when it comes to renovations. Whether you are choosing to overhaul a room completely or just want to change the décor, you have some new trends to consider. Let ACR LTD help you with all your design and renovation needs in the New Year.

Come see us at the Winnipeg Renovation Show from January 12th – 14th, 2018, in booth 109 to answer all your renovation questions.  Purchase tickets online to save $3 off the ticket price.